The Keys to a Successful Therapist Website

This 7-week course teaches you to:

  • Discover your dream client
  • Connect with them online
  • Inspire them to get help
  • Turn them into a paying client

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You Are Amazing.

You’ve dedicated your life to helping people live fuller, happier, and more balanced lives … which is something that’s needed now more than ever.

In an ideal world, people would simply realize that something is off in their lives and know to come to you for help. No website needed. Yet here we are, trying to find a way to get your practice in front of a steady flow of new clients.

To do that, you need a great website – one that connects deeply with your dream client and walks them through a virtual intake call. By the time they reach out, your dream client should already know how you can help them and what your process is like.

This course teaches you how to do that.

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Who do you want to help?

Answering that question is the most important thing you can do for your practice.


When you understand your dream client, you can create a website that inspires them.

What's Included:

Each week, you’ll get access to in-depth workbooks and guides, designed to help you build a foundation for your new website.

Think of them as the marketing class you never got in grad school — a comprehensive overview of 13+ years of creating successful therapist websites.

Here’s a full list of what’s covered:

  • Defining your niche
  • Identifying your dream client
  • Deciding what web pages you need (creating a sitemap)
  • Creating amazing website copy
  • Finding the perfect photos
  • Choosing the best platform for your website
  • Understanding SEO for therapists

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working on a therapist marketing project

Before creating a new therapist website, you need a solid foundation.

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The workbooks helped me identify the clients I wanted to see in my practice.

As a perfectionist, I tend to avoid things that don’t come easy to me – like creating my website and copy. By having a workbook that asked me very specific questions, I was able to drill down into the heart of my therapy practice.

~ Natalie Brooks, LMFT

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