Get better
marketing insights

Fill your staff’s caseloads for less

Give back to
therapists in-need

Share the Cost.
Share the Success.

When we work together, your marketing efforts will align with other (non-competing) clinics around the country. 

Each member tests different ads and creative elements, while sharing the results with others. When one member uncovers a valuable strategy, we can implement those same tactics into everyone’s marketing initiatives.

Support your peers.

The Collective provides an opportunity to give back to your community. Our Clinicians in-Need program supports therapists struggling with their practices. Reach out to learn more.

What can we take off your plate?

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3 Pillars of Success


Successful partnerships are built on listening, asking questions, and trust. That’s why we first gain a deep understanding of your business, mission, goals, marketing, budget, and brand. This foundation guides everything we do together.


Your target audience expects more than ever from your marketing. It needs to be authentic, foster relationships, and guide people through a customer journey. Good marketing engages your leads across all digital platforms: from Facebook to Google, Yelp, their inbox, and beyond. Your marketing funnel is the key to making that happen.


Good marketing needs an effective website to work. That’s where you want to drive people — to somewhere with ample CTAs and conversion points. To a place that engages leads, moves them through your funnel, and builds brand loyalty. We make sure your website does that.

Everything you need
to grow your clinic

360 Marketing Review
Clarify your goals, brand, budget, and target market

Marketing Funnel
Set up for you, ready to start nurturing leads

Effective Website
Update yours or let our artists design something unique

We use live data and testing to improve everything

Single Point of Contact
Let us coordinate all the teams and moving parts

The Therapist Marketing Collective
Member Benefits

Marketing automations
BizDev coaching
Monthly Reports
Facebook funnel
Newsletter Mailing
Optimized website
Technology review
Technical support
Website backlinks

How to join.

LAUREN – Have fun with this one 🙂 Currently, the Therapist Marketing Collective consists of two large clinics and a selection of private practices. is more of a description of the way I work. If we choose to collaborate, you’re instantly a member. At this point, my goal is to have 5 therapy clinics on board. The requirement is that you have to use my services. Currently we have 2.

  • Phase 1 (you are here). Once we reach 5 founding members, we will establish the framework of how to scale the Collective and how to best serve the community.
  • Phase II. Open up the Clinicians in-Need Program to the community.

Does this sound like your clinic:

  • 20+ clinicians
  • Minimum $6k/month marketing budget
  • Already outsource some of your marketing

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