How’s it going at your therapy company?

As therapy companies grow, it’s common for the organization’s leader to wear many hats: from CEO to HR director, marketing manager, and beyond.

the owner to wear many hats double as the marketing director —  managing freelancers, learning SEO on the side, setting up Google Ads … sound familiar?


. This means managing There comes a time in the lifecycle of a therapy company when the founder/owner/CEO can no longer manage the organization’s marketing.

If you’re on this page, it means you’re at least a little intrigued by my email. So let’s start with the question that brought you here … how are things going? Are there any areas you can use some extra help with?

  • Are you getting a steady flow of intake calls and new clients?
  • Are you happy with your cost per lead?
  • Do you update your marketing plan regularly and have someone to help manage the big picture?
  • Does your website work?

Based on my research and the size of your company (or do you still call yourself a group practice?), it seems like you’re doing OK. And, as you know, things can always be better

Who takes care of your marketing website everything?

All businesses can benefit from having a single person managing their marketing puzzle. Someone with the experience needed to get more people into your events, workshops, and retreats

A successful leader will understand the big picture, resonate with your mission and brand, manage a team of marketing experts, and get quantifiable results.

That’s what I want to do for your therapy company.

A few things I can manage for your practice.

Local SEO and linkbuilding
CRM setup
Market research and data analysis
Google Ads management
Marketing automations
Online scheduling
Company Wiki creation
Website overhaul
Facebook and social media
Conversational marketing
Competitor analysis
Graphic design
gSuite management

How can one person do so much?

To be honest, I can’t!

My specialty is managing the big picture and stepping in to do the groundwork when I’m most needed. The secret to my success is collaborating with world-class professionals at every step.

If you have an existing team, I’ll work alongside them and optimize their efforts. If you have a gap that needs filling, I can either bring on my own agency partners; or, we can conduct a talent search and find someone just for you.


Can I tell you a quick success story?

For the past three years, I have served as Chief Marketing Officer for Well Clinic: a mental health company in San Francisco. In that role, I have helped:

  • Decrease the cost of a new client by more than half
  • Increase overall profit for the organization
  • Set up marketing automations and a CRM
  • Double the number of clinicians from 20 to 40+
  • Optimize our website to show on page 1 for most searches

Want to know how I did it? Reach out and schedule a Q&A call.

Curious about my methods?

Web Design

World-class websites — optimized for conversions.

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Fill your events and promote your center.

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A single point of contact for all your needs

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Want to know my secret formula?

Before changing anything, I’ll take the time to understand your existing marketing efforts – and get to know your dream client.

We’ll talk about what’s working, what needs improvement, and what can be rebuilt. Then, I’ll dive into your reporting to learn where leads enter (and leave) your marketing funnel

I’ll develop an omnichannel marketing plan to keep your dream client engaged: from first contact through first retreat.

Finally, once we have a steady flow of lead coming into your new funnel, I’ll use data and UX design to optimize and improve it all. Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

Greg understands that we therapists are a different breed, and we have different needs from other businesses.

I’ve worked with other experts over the years I’ve been in practice, and I’ve never felt so understood. No tweak was too much to accomplish, or too small to matter. I always felt it was important to him to get it right.

Julie Lingler, LMFT

I’m Greg Goodman

Once upon a time, I had a promising corporate career … until I fell in love with a Peace Corps volunteer, sold everything, and joined her in a small village in Nicaragua.

The experience was so life-changing that we dedicated the next decade to traveling the world and sharing the adventure on my travel blog.

Today, Carrie and I live a more “settled” lifestyle. We have two amazing kids and a home in the Santa Cruz mountains. If we were to collaborate, I would bring my passion, expertise, love of nature, sense of humor, adaptability, and appreciation for our beautiful world to your retreat center.

Hope to hear from you soon!

P.S. All the photos on this page are from sessions I’ve done with therapists.

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