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What is Custom Web Design?

Getting a custom website is like commissioning a work of art for your business.

Using the Internet as our canvas, we will create a design that connects deeply with your dream client. Then, we’ll give them plenty of ways to reach out and become a paying client.

Long story short – we don’t stop until you love your beautiful and effective website.

What’s the advantage of custom web design?

Creating a custom website is all about building a foundation for your business. Once you have a solid understanding of who you want to reach, our expert design team will figure out what words, colors, images, and styles resonate with them.

Your website will include both industry-tested and cutting-edge lead generation tools. It will drive visitors towards your contact forms, phone number, social media, online calendar, or however else you want them to reach out.

Plus, it’s going to look really, really, really good! Like, so good that you’ll want to go up to the roof and shout, “LOOK AT MY AMAZING NEW WEBSITE!”

Creativity in Web Design and Marketing

We are artists

The internet is our canvas – and our passion is creating beautiful websites that connect deeply with your dream client.

When you work with Goodman Creatives, it’s like you’re commissioning your own piece of art.

First, we’ll explore your ideas, goals, and dreams. Then, we’ll create a design to make your heart sing.

Whether you know what you want or need a gentle hand to hold from start to finish, we’re here to help.

Custom Website Samples

Well Clinic

Well Clinic

Santa Cruz Better Back & Body Shop

Santa Cruz Better Back & Body Shop

Julie Hattershire Couples Counseling

Julie Hattershire Couples Counseling

Dickerman Prints Photo Lab

Dickerman Prints Photo Lab

Toni Sterbenz, LMFT

Toni Sterbenz, LMFT

Taproot: soulpurpose

Taproot: soulpurpose


Custom Web Design Packages

A Website
You’ll Love

  • A beautiful website, built on WordPress
  • SEO best practices
  • Unlimited design revisions
  • Stock photography
  • Basic logo design
  • Our self-discovery Workbooks

The Complete Experience

  • Everything from A Website You’ll Love
  • 1-1 Coaching
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Copy editing and website text review
  • As much hand-holding as you need to succeed

Custom Web Design FAQs

How does your design differ from a ready-made template?

With template-driven website design services (like Therapist Themes), your website shares certain design elements with every other website using that platform. Things like the way images are layed out or how the calls to action look.

With custom web design, every digital inch is created for you – with your dream client in mind. It can be whatever you want it to be. There are no limits except our combined imaginations. aka, limitless

How much does a custom website cost?

Our custom website design packages start at $6,000, and include unlimited design revisions, SEO best practices, and more.


Do I need custom web design?

To be honest, no. You don’t need custom web design.

You could probably create a perfectly effective site on your own using Squarespace. Or, if you’re a therapist, our $97/month Therapist Themes website service might be a good fit.

However, if you’re ready to invest in a website that truly sets you apart in the crowd, then you need a custom website.

* and, because I’ll always shoot you straight, it’s important to understand that any website is just the first step. Once it’s live, you’ll still need some mix of SEO and advertising to get people to actually visit it.

Can I make changes to my custom website myself?

Absolutely! Your website will be built on WordPress and when it goes live, I’ll hand off the “Keys to the Kingdom” – aka, your login info.

I’ll also create a video walkthrough of how to add new pages, adjust text and images, and make blog posts.

If you don’t want to do any of that, I also offer a “no worries” webmaster plan. What’s great about that is you can just send me any/all changes and I take care of everything for you.

Learn about our webmaster services

Can you walk me through the steps to my custom website?

First, you’ll dive into our self-discovery workbooks and identify your niche and dream client. Then, using those as a guide, our design team will create the first draft of your new homepage. The more content you can provide at this point, the better.

After going back and forth until you love it, we will build out a working version of the site in WordPress.

From there, you send us content, we get it live for you. This goes on until the site is ready to launch and you’re so excited that you can’t contain the joy.

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How long does it take until my website is ready?

It depends on you. On average, a custom website takes 4-6 months. If all of the content is ready at the start, the process goes quickly.

Copywriting is the #1 obstacle to completing a website. That’s why we also offer expert copywriting services.

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Will I show up on Google with my custom website?

Quick answer: yes, your custom website will show up on Google. However, it might show up on page 112.

Until you begin the process of ongoing SEO, your website will remain the outer islands of Google rankings. This can be a DIY process (here’s a guide to get you started) – or, our SEO team can take care of everything for you.

learn about our seo services

5 Easy Steps
to a Custom Website


You dive into our self-discovery workbooks

These comprehensive resources will help you hone in on your niche and dream client.

Our artists create a beautiful website mockup

We'll use your workbooks to guide your website's design, photos, calls to action, and more.

You explore a working version of the website

Once you approve the design, we'll code your new website — complete with your words and images.

We collaborate to perfect your website

We'll go back and forth until you love everything (this takes as long as YOU need - and we're ok with that)

Your new website launches

Cue the fireworks!

Remember Netscape and AOL?

My name is Greg Goodman – and I’ve been hooked on web design since the days of dial-up modems.

Over the years, I have watched the ever-changing internet landscape ebb, flow, and evolve.

While much has changed, the need for an elegant and modern online presence has remained the same.

As Head Creative at Goodman Creatives, I bring all my experience and knowledge to every project. Now, let’s see how we can collaborate on the website of your dreams.

Greg Goodman Therapist Website Design Expert Jumps in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

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