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Here’s my story.

As a kid, I always wanted to be a businessman. In my earliest ventures, I hawked origami, comic books, and mixtapes. High school brought internships and business cards, while college netted me a marketing degree.

But the “real world” wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

My dream of rising the corporate ladder was in direct conflict with my desire to live life on my own terms. So, I sold my stuff and flew to Nicaragua, where my girlfriend wife was a Peace Corps volunteer.

I figured I’d last two weeks, at best.
I was there for seven months!

For seven months, I lived a life of “less.”

Less stuff, less comforts, less stress.

And for those seven months, I felt “more!”

More happiness. More fulfillment. More sweat. More love for life.

It was such an amazing feeling that I dedicated the next decade to traveling in the world and pursuing my dream of being a travel photographer and digital nomad.To make ends meet, I did websites and marketing on the side. Then, every few years, Carrie and I returned to the states, worked and saved for a while, and did it all again.

Today, life is a bit more settled. Carrie and I have two wonderful children and live in Santa Cruz, CA. Goodman Creatives lets me be there with them every day.

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As a digital nomad living in Thailand, I worked alongside scores of successful online entrepreneurs.

Our offices were coffee shops, common spaces, and anywhere with wi-fi. We took breaks from our screens to hang out in the real world … and everyone was always looking for the next big idea to keep them going.

This beautiful experience taught me that great businesses have no boundaries … geographical or otherwise.

That principal is the guiding force behind Goodman Creatives. As a client, you’ll work with only me. It’s my job to manage the marketing team that comes with me.

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