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We are a creative collective of artists, programmers, experts, and dreamers.

Let us take care of everything … so you can focus on whatever you love doing.

Our collaborative, gentle approach is perfect for anyone who needs a little extra help and guidance.

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Everyone deserves the opportunity to follow their heart. That simple statement is at the heart of everything we do at Goodman Creatives.

From therapists to solo-entrepreneurs, small businesses, larger companies, and beyond, our passion is collaborating with fellow dreamers … with people that absolutely love what they do.

Great teams have no boundaries …

and no need for a conventional office. *

Goodman Creatives was founded on that principle. On the belief that everyone deserves a chance to follow their own heart and passion.

Each member of our creative collective has chosen to meld their professional skills with a desire to be free of the “corporate grind.”

We are committed to living a life without limitations – and that passion is brought to every project we work on.

* In case you’re wondering, we’re located in California, New York, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, and Idaho.

Creativity Lightbulb

The story of Goodman Creatives is one of love, travel, family, and a childhood dream.

My name is Greg Goodman — and I’ve always wanted to be a businessman.

As a kid, I was enchanted by old wooden desks adorned with calculators, fancy pens, paperweights, and rubber band balls.

By 12, my resume included selling origami boxes to neighbors, auctioning comic books in the schoolyard, and more.

After college, my heart was set on rising up the corporate ladder. That lasted all of three years before realizing that a “traditional job” was not for me. My heart wanted to be free – and my curiosity wanted to explore the world.

This ignited my next love – traveling the world with my wife, Carrie, and sharing the experience on a travel blog. Along the way, I starred in a National Geographic TV show (watch it here) and saw my photography featured in airports, museums, magazines, and more.

Today, my life’s passion has shifted to family.

Carrie and I have two wonderful children — and Goodman Creatives lets me be there with them every day. After decades of searching, I’ve found my true calling … and finally realized that childhood dream.

Now, let’s get started on realizing your dreams!

Greg Goodman
Founder + Head Creative

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Therapists need help too » The work you do is absolutely amazing. Every day, you change peoples’ lives for the better. Now, let us help change yours. Together, we will:

  • Identify your dream client
  • Create a website that makes a deep personal connection
  • Get that dream client to visit

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Small & Local Businesses

Let’s get you more customers » Your business has an abundance of moving parts … wouldn’t it be great if someone could manage all of them?

  • Branding
  • Website design
  • Marketing

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Santa Cruz Businesses

Your business deserves a local partner » Goodman Creatives is proudly located in Santa Cruz, CA — up in the redwoods and close to the beach. Over the years, we’ve partnered with numerous local businesses, including:

  • Dance of the Deer Foundation
  • Santa Cruz Midwives
  • Expert Plumbing

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