Hi! I'm Greg Goodman

Since I’m the only person you’ll work with at Goodman Creatives, you should probably know a bit about me. In my life, I have been a:

I never intended to be a therapist business coach.

Yellow accent lines as a metaphor for therapist marketing agency and therapist website design
Yellow accent lines as a metaphor for therapist marketing agency and therapist website design

It all started in 2006, when a family friend asked me to manage her group practice’s Google Ads campaign. A few years later, while working at a fine art photo printing lab, the owner’s wife (also a therapist) referred me to a few of her colleagues. Word spread pretty quickly after that — and, before I knew it, I had discovered my true calling, my career path, and my life’s purpose.

7 Fun Facts About Me

I grew up on an island in the middle of NYC and took a gondola to school.

Travel is my passion. I have visited 44 countries – 28 with my wife, Carrie.

National Geographic filmed a TV show about my photographic storytelling.

I am related to Larry Fine from “The 3 Stooges”

I live in Santa Cruz, CA, with my wife and our two kids: Bodhi and Luna

My biggest life dream is to look at the Earth from outer space.

I say the word YES! over and over again for 1 minute, 11 seconds every day at 1:11pm PST.

You should join me! Together, we will create a global tidal wave of joy, positivity, love, abundance, and YES!

Here’s a video of me sharing the story behind the Global YES! Movement.👇

My Story of Love & Travel

As a kid, I always wanted to be a businessman. In my earliest ventures, I hawked origami, comic books, and mixtapes. High school brought internships and business cards, while college netted me a marketing degree.

As it turns out, the “real world” wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be. My dream of rising the corporate ladder was in direct conflict with my desire to live life on my own terms.

Everything changed when my girlfriend quit her job and joining the Peace Corps. Being apart for two years didn’t seem like a good plan, so I quit my job, sold my stuff, and went down to visit her before moving to California.

I figured I’d last two weeks: at best. I wound up living in Murra for seven months!

I followed my heart and trusted that success would follow.

While traveling, I dedicated my days to my passion of making photos and sharing the stories behind them.

As a photographic storyteller, my work was featured in galleries, airports, trade shows, publications, and private collections around the world.

Meanwhile, as a digital nomad living in Thailand, I worked alongside (and learned from) scores of successful online entrepreneurs. Our offices were coffee shops, common spaces, and anywhere with wi-fi. We took breaks from our screens to hang out in the real world.

I found my Self in a small village in Nicaragua.

I lived with Carrie in her remote mountain village for seven months. While there, I embraced a life of “less.”

  • Less stuff
  • Less comforts
  • Less money
  • Less stress

Life flowed so easily in Murra. Living in a simple house. Picking beans in a finca. Hiking to nearby villages to lend a hand. Organizing men’s groups. While surrounded by less, I actually found more!

  • More happiness
  • More fulfillment
  • More excitement
  • More appreciation

It was such an amazing feeling that I dedicated the next decade to traveling the world with Carrie and chronicling the adventures on a travel blog. 

Bringing the spirit of freedom into my business.

To finance my decade of travel, I made websites and did marketing on the side. Then, every few years, Carrie and I returned to the states, worked and saved for a while, and did it all again.

My biggest takeaway is that great businesses have no boundaries: geographical or otherwise.

Goodman Creatives was founded on the same principles – and I’m infinitely grateful for the freedom it provides.

Every day, I get to help amazing people soar while also being there with my kids as they grow up. What an incredible gift … all thanks to following my heart, taking a chance, and trusting completely.

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