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Hi. I'm Greg Goodman.

Greg Goodman is an website designer and marketing expert

The story of Goodman Creatives is the story of my life. It’s a tale of love, adventure, travel, family … and a simple belief that has shaped my existence.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to follow their heart.

I've always wanted to be a businessman

Goodman Creatives has been around in one format or another since I was a kid. Back then, my focus was on selling origami boxes to neighbors, hosting comic book auctions during recess, and promoting my elementary school store.

During the early days of the Internet – when Netscape and dial-up reigned supreme – I found myself enchanted by the creative and business possibilities of web design. 20+ years later, that love is just as strong.

In college, I graduated on Dean’s List with a marketing and communications degree. Then, after bouncing around Corporate America, I realized that a “traditional job” was not for me. My heart wanted to be free – and my curiosity wanted to explore the world.

This ignited my next love – traveling the world with my wife, Carrie, and sharing the experience on a travel blog. Along the way, I starred in a National Geographic TV show (watch it here) and saw my photographic work featured in all sorts of cool places. I also rekindled my passion for website design and began helping people create the websites of their dreams.

Today, my life’s passion has shifted to family. Carrie and I have an adventurous toddler named Bodhi, and Goodman Creatives lets me be there to watch him grow up. After decades of searching, I’ve found my true calling and finally realized that childhood dream.

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Greg Goodman, Therapist Web Design & and Marketing Expert

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