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Hi. My name is Greg Goodman, and I’m here to help you!

2013-11-16 14-17-58 as Smart Object-1Creativity is my passion, and I deeply believe that if you follow your heart and passion, opportunities will present themselves.

Goodman Creatives was born from that love … from a belief that everyone deserves something special. Wherever you are in the creative process, whatever your comfort level is and however you work best, I’m here to help. Passion guaranteed!


Business management has been in my blood since early childhood. My first professional venture involved selling Garbage Pail Kids stickers to my extended family during Sunday dinners. I was six years old.

Open Studios @ Dickerman Prints - November 1, 2015Before reaching high school, I had sold origami boxes to my neighbors, comic books and baseball cards to my classmates, audio cassettes to my friends and anything else I could think of to anyone who buy it.

In college, I attained a marketing and public relations degree, and graduated with Dean’s List honors. Then, after an extended stint bouncing around Corporate America, I realized my true passion was helping individuals and small businesses achieve their dreams.


Web design has come a long way since I hand-coded the world’s oldest James Bond Web site in 1996. In the years since, I have created Web sites for individuals, small businesses, large companies, non-profits and government agencies.


My award-winning photography has been featured in galleries, magazines, books, TV shows, airports, Web sites, newspapers, trade shows, office lobbies, album covers, private collections and exhibitions around the world.

01-01-16_16-39-01I starred in a National Geographic Channel travel documentary about South Korea; which showcased my photography, as well as my career as a travel blogger. You can watch it here.

Samsung hired me to present my life’s work at their booth during Photokina — the world’s largest photo trade fair — and my photography was recently commissioned by the Sydney Airport and displayed in the International Terminal.

So, what’s your dream