Say YES! with me for 1 minute, 11 seconds every day

Let's create a wave of YES! that ripples around the globe

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YES! is one of the most powerful words in any language.

YES! sends vibrations of positivity through your body and out to the world.

YES! invites new possibilities and opportunities.

YES! is so easy and fun to say.

Try it now …



We all need more YES! in our lives

In 2021, I was in a low point in my life … and not because of the pandemic.

Despite being the guy who quit his job, traveled the world, and prided myself on trying new things, I was living a “no life.”

This manifested itself as negativity, stubbornness, and an inclination to say no to everything before considering what YES! might look like.

Even things as simple as “Greg, do you want to try a bite of this delicious food” would be met with a quick “no.”

Something had to change … and Facebook presented me with the perfect opportunity.

My commitment to YES started on January 2, 2021, when I challenged myself to go live on Facebook for 10 days in a row and said the word YES! over and over again for 1 minute, 11 seconds.

Every day, I invited my Facebook community to join me in saying YES! at 1:11pm PST. I also told everyone I met in the “real world” about my global YES! movement.

My dream was (and still is) is to have as many people as possible say YES! at the same time.

To spread joy, love, positivity, and YES!⁣

To create a wave of YES! that ripples around the globe.

The initial 10 days culminated with a FB live at 1:11pm on January 11 (aka, 1/11). Hundreds of people tuned in and said YES! to life.

I thought that’s where the story would end …

I was wrong.

Three years of YES!

What started as a little social media experiment has turned into a lifestyle for me.

In the past three years, I have only missed one day of saying YES! Though, to be completely honest, some days I do just say YES! once or twice, hit snooze on my alarm, and come back later to my full YES! practice

It’s amazing how often my 1:11pm YES! alarm has gotten me out of some sort of funk. While I know the expression “fake it until you make it” rings hollow to many, I can actually feel my energy and joy increasing as I keep repeating those three magic letters.

I continue to go live on Facebook from time to time and introduce more people to the Global YES! Movement.

I still tell people I meet on the street to join me at 1:11pm PST every day.

Now, I’m inviting YOU to join me.




Try doing it right now …

Set a timer for 1 minute, 11 seconds – and say YES! over and over again.

Then, set a daily alarm for 1:11pm PST and make a regular practice.

How to maximize your YES!

  • I suggest finding out what time 1:11pm PST is in your time zone. That way, you know that at least one other person is doing it at the same time! (me, of course).
  • Kids LOVE doing this practice with you. Dancing around saying YES!
  • *** Warning – You may feel silly. You may want to stop. That’s normal. There’s a security system at the edge of your comfort zone. Allow the feelings to be there – then YES! your way through them.

TL/DR – I say the word yes over and over again for 1 minute, 11 seconds every day at 1:11pm PST and you should set your alarm and do it with me.

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In addition to his work helping therapists, Greg is a passionate photographic storyteller, traveler, husband, father, and human being dedicated to personal growth and making the world a better place.

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