Profitable therapy practice program

The $300k Therapy Practice Program

Fill your practice with private pay clients you love in just 2-3 hours per week ... without doing any tech stuff.

An integrative mix of coaching, collaboration, and done-for-you services.

Yellow accent lines as a metaphor for therapist marketing agency and therapist website design
Yellow accent lines as a metaphor for therapist marketing agency and therapist website design
If you’re just looking for a DIY course with a handful of the same old tactics and hacks, this isn’t it. If you’re looking for a therapist business coach and mentor with 18 years of mental health marketing experience to help you scale a wildly successful and sustainable practice, then this is for you.

What do you get with the $300k Practice Program?

Live coaching, done-for-you services, video trainings, workbooks, and templates to help you:

Clare Johnson Therapist Web Design Testimonial - Greg makes the process feel simple, easy, and fun so you can sit back and focus on the work you’re actually good at.

3 Steps to a Profitable Practice


Dream Client. Niche. Budget. Goals. ROI. Marketing Plan.

The program begins by building a foundation for sustained success before we create or change anything.


Website. Copywriting. Google. SEO. Social Media. CRM. Intake.

Not only do we get more inquiries for your admin team, we ensure they can convert those leads into clients.


Newsletters. eBooks. Videos. Blogs. Quizzes. Ads. Chatbots.

Having the right funnels and systems in place lets you focus on client care instead of running a business,

Core Beliefs of the $300k Therapy Practice Program

A rock-solid foundation leads to a sustainable practice.

The most successful therapy practices are the ones who took the time to do the foundational work. It’s not enough to simply identify a dream client and niche. You need a plan for incorporating that knowledge into every inch of your marketing, website, messaging, and brand.

I’ll show you how to fill your practice with clients you love — who can pay the rates you deserve. And yes, you still need a dream client for a group practice: it’s just a little more broad.

The program will help you work through common mindset roadblocks that therapists encounter when choosing a dream client, writing copy, creating a website, and doing marketing.

A beautiful, effective website is a must.

Google. SEO. Social Media. Blogging. Newsletters. These are all just flags we wave to get someone’s attention and bring them to your website.

Once you have their attention, your website becomes a safe space away from the stress and noise of the outside world. Use this opportunity to walk them through a virtual intake session. However, before talking about yourself, trust must be established.

With your foundation in place, we will know exactly what they need to read and see to ensure they click that “schedule your first appointment” button.

From there, you can use that knowledge to update your existing therapist website … or, let me use my decades of experience to create a new website you’ll love.

Authentic marketing gets you more clients.

I’ve grown dozens of practices (as well as my own business) with one fundamental marketing mantra:

“How can your marketing make someone’s life better — even if they never become a paying client?”

To truly scale your practice, you need to blend a human-centered approach with a cutting-edge omnichannel marketing plan. Google Ads. SEO. Social Media. Psychology Today. PR. Local outreach. The program covers it all.

Don’t worry if that sounds overwhelming … I’ve been working with therapists for long enough to know how to keep things easy for you. 

Once we create a custom marketing plan to scale your practice, you can manage it yourself or let my team of therapist marketing experts take care of everything for you.

New clients should come on autopilot.

Would you rather focus on running a business or serving clients as a therapist? The answer is obvious. Yet, when most therapists scale their practice, they wind up with more admin work than ever.

An automated marketing funnel allows you to step back from the arduous task of finding new clients for your practice.

Newsletters. eBooks. Videos. Blogs. Quizzes. Ads. Chatbots. My team taking care of your marketing. These are just some of the ways we can turn your marketing from a chore to a “set it and forget it” system.

Together, we will map out your dream client’s journey from random Google visitor to paying client. Then, I will create and optimize a bespoke system that meets your specific needs and goals.

Copywriting doesn't have to be tough.

Writing website pages is the #1 obstacle therapists face when growing their practice. In the past 18 years, I’ve helped therapists get through every copywriting roadblock and limiting belief imaginable.

With me by your side, you’ll never again stare at a blank screen and wonder what to write. Follow my comprehensive copywriting guides, templates, and ChatGPT prompts to get the words flowing quickly.

I’ll show you exactly what to write, how many words to use, and how to create a deep personal connection with your dream client. If you still get stuck, we can co-create copy on a Zoom screenshare.

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"My practice has been full for years ... with a waitlist!"

“Greg really understands that we therapists are a slightly different breed, and we have different needs from other businesses. I needed a system to better reflect who I am as a therapist and speak to the clients I serve. The process Greg uses really helped me understand and zero in on those elements.”

Julie Hattershire, MSW, LISW-S
Founder of Be Connected Care

Here's what else you get in the Practice Prosperity Program

Gold stars exemplifying therapist marketing agency

Online Course

You get lifetime access to my step-by-step curriculum for filling your caseload with ease and flow. Plus, as you grow your group practice, all your clinicians will also get access to the course at no additional charge. This can be a great bonus to offer when recruiting.

Weekly Coaching Calls

These 1-1 video screenshare calls are your chance to ask me anything and work through roadblocks. We can co-create copy, clarify your dream client, hone in on your marketing plan, chat about budgets, work with ChatGPT, tweak your website design, and more.


Deadlines are a key part of the process. At the end of each coaching session, we will agree on your homeplay for the next week. While I’m not going to drive to your door to ensure everything is done on time, I will send you emails and hold you accountable for your own progress.

Hand Holding

After 18 years of helping therapists, I know the key your success is adapting my coaching style and schedule to meet you needs. For some, this means spending extra time getting through a roadblock. For others, it means going completely out of order because that’s the way your brain works. Whatever it takes, I’m here for you.

Rachel Eddins recommends Greg Goodman for group therapy practice marketing agency services


"Greg has a broad marketing knowledge base and knows how to pull together resources to cover the spectrum of digital marketing."

“Greg is highly skilled at digital and email marketing, social media, user experience and has been extremely helpful in translating our website vision and needs into a practical reality. Greg is easy to work with, a great writer, and creative thinker. A true marketing manager! Highly recommend Greg for any marketing needs.”
Rachel Eddins recommends Greg Goodman for group therapy practice marketing agency services

Rachel Eddins, LPC
Founder of Eddins Counseling Group

Meet Greg Goodman, Mentor and Expert Business Coach For Therapists

How does one share their accomplishments while still remaining humble? That’s the struggle I face as I write this. With nearly two decades of experience helping therapists at every stage of their careers, there is no one else like me out there.

In addition to my work helping solo practitioners and budding group practices, I have served as marketing director for several large mental health companies. My proven, integrative mix of web design, copywriting, and marketing has filled caseloads around the world.

Yet, my approach remains compassionate, collaborative, and down-to-earth. As a coach, I excel at harnessing your strengths … and giving you an added push when needed.

My work with business coaching for therapists is the culmination of all my experience. It’s my way of teaching, sharing, and giving back. I love helping the helpers and find endless fulfillment in seeing YOU thrive.

18 Years of Experience

helping mental health professionals in practices across the world.

100+ Websites Designed

since I fell in love with the art form in a high school computer class.

300+ Therapists Helped

with my unique blend of web design, marketing, and coaching.

1 National Geographic TV Show

filmed about my other career as a photographic storyteller.

Who is the $300k Therapy Practice Program for?

  • Business-minded therapists who understand the need to build a foundation and put in the work now to ensure their future success.
  • Private pay practice owners who want to stop worrying about where their next clients will come from.
  • Solo practitioners looking to transition into a group practice.
  • Group practice owners who need help keeping 2-10 clinician caseloads full.

This program is NOT a fit if you:

  • Can’t commit 2-3 hours a week
  • Want a coach to just “do it for you”
  • Don’t want to build a foundation first
  • Are paralyzed by copywriting
  • Lack self-motivation or drive

To succeed you need to:

  • Have a strong work ethic
  • Be driven and self-motivated
  • Dedicate 2-3 hours per week to the course
  • Understand that success takes time
  • Let go of the need for perfection and limiting beliefs about what you “aren’t good at”
  • Have a $1500+ monthly marketing budget
Sharon Potteiger Midwife


"We started booking new clients within 3 days of launching our site."

“Hiring Greg was the best decision we’ve made in starting our group practice. The results are well worth every penny spent and the the ease of the whole process is priceless. Most importantly, having Greg on our team allowed us to have the freedom to do what we do best, provide excellent patient care.”
Sharon Potteiger Midwife

Sharon Potteiger, LM, CPM

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