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A full practice starts with a beautiful, effective therapist website design.

Websites for therapists - mental health web design for psychotherapists

Therapist websites are different than any other kind of website.​

Yellow accent lines as a metaphor for therapist marketing agency and therapist website design
Yellow accent lines as a metaphor for therapist marketing agency and therapist website design
The best websites for therapists serve as a virtual intake call. Remind your dream client what keeps them up at night and provide a glimpse of what life could look with without those issues. Then, lay out the steps it will take to create the change they seek. By the time they schedule a phone intake, their only question should be, “when can we start?” Wondering how to make that happen? That’s where I come in.

Successful websites for therapists will help you:

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I had a wonderful experience working with Greg on a new website for my therapy practice.

I had some ideas about what I wanted, but his website design packet really helped me to identify more specific things I liked and didn’t like on other websites that I saw. He bounced a lot of ideas off of me and produced great results every step of the way.

He was supportive, helpful, informative, creative. I had never worked on a website or design before so this was a big learning curve for me. Greg walked me through every step, giving me a lot of guidance, ideas, and choice. He was very responsive. I am so happy with the finished project.

Chelsey Suttaby, LCSW

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Hire someone with 18 years of experience designing websites for therapists.

Anyone can make you a beautiful website. The question is, does your web designer understand the intricacies of the mental health industry? It’s a fine balance between being authentic and salesy … especially when someone’s emotional wellbeing is on the line.

Your therapist website needs to be a balanced beacon of hope, while also guiding your dream client on a clear path from random visitor to paying client.

Plus, your therapist website designer needs have experience evaluating and integrating the best apps and systems for managing your practice. EHR integrations. HIPAA forms. Appointment scheduling. The list goes on and the requirements differ depending on your license.

Stop wasting money on marketing without a good therapist website.

Google. SEO. Social Media. Blogging. Newsletters. These are all just flags we wave to get someone’s attention and bring them to your website.

Unfortunately, 98% of people will leave your website without doing anything. If you’re running Google Ads or paying for Psychology today, that’s a lot of wasted money.

A well designed website makes visitors stay longer, come back more often, and reach out sooner.

Effective websites for therapists use multiple contact forms, EHR integration, clickable phone numbers, CTA buttons, online calendars, chat, internal links, and more. That’s what your website will include.

The best therapist websites follow this formula:

Use human psychology to form a deeper connection.

Just as every client is unique, so too are their responses to your website’s design choices. Elements as seemingly simple as fonts, colors, photos, and icons hold the power to either make or break a user’s experience.

By understanding your dream client’s interests, hobbies, demographics, and lifestyle preferences, we can craft a website that speaks to them: even if they never read a single word.

The goal is to establish a sense of comfort, trust, and belonging that subconsciously guides your dream clients through your website and into your practice.

My process is a fusion of art and science, and it’s precisely what will set your therapist website apart in a busy online crowd.

Make your website about them, not you.

Don’t make this common therapist website mistake. Before you talk about yourself, you need to establish trust and connection.

Before we start designing your new website, we will take the time to get clarity on your dream client. What keeps them up at night and how can life be different with your help?

Building a foundation lets us create a website that forms a deep personal connection and inspires your dream client to reach out.

Understanding your dream client also us infuse that person into every word, image, color, font, and feature on your website. But don’t worry … I take care of all that for you.

Let me take care of all the tech.

You know those people who seem to break technology just by being around it? I’m the opposite of that. 

Instead of trying to figure everything out yourself, let me take care of all the coding, creating, and caring for your therapist website.

That means you don’t have to worry about what platform to use (WordPress), what it looks like (you will love it), SEO, or updating the site when it goes live (you get lifetime updates and support). Whatever you need, I’ve got you covered.

Get help writing words that wow.

Many of my therapist clients tell me they are, “terrible at writing.” Staring at that blank screen and blinking cursor can be overwhelming: especially when you have no idea where to start.

Just because writing has been difficult in the past doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Sure, you may have evidence to corroborate your beliefs. But, what you haven’t had (until now) is someone to hold your hand and walk you through the process.

To help you overcome copywriting paralysis, I have created detailed templates, workbooks, ChatGPT prompts, and video guides for every page on your website.

In addition, I will read every word of your copy and offer suggestions. If you’re still stuck, we can hop on a Zoom screenshare and co-create your copy together.


Everyone stops and asks me who created my website.

To date, it is the most beautiful website I have seen anywhere! Greg is absolutely fantastic. Besides for being incredibly talented, Greg is prompt, professional, and always has the best suggestions for rebranding. 

Masha Shapiro, LMHC
Founder of We Rise NYC

Meet Greg Goodman, Expert Therapist Web Designer

When I first discovered HTML coding, the sound of dialup was synonymous with getting “online” and accessing the World Wide Web.

The year was 1996 and the Internet was a magical wonderland where anything was possible. A blank creative canvas to design and have fun. Little did I know, this budding art form would become my life passion and career.

In the decades since, I’ve created hundreds of websites for fun and for clients. Most are long gone. Some never even saw the light of day. However, there are two extra-special websites that have withstood the test of time.

The first is Goodman Creatives (the website you’re on now). The second is Adventures of a GoodMan: my travel photography and storytelling blog.

Now, I’m thrilled to use my extensive web design experience and artistry to create something special for your therapy practice.

Krista Rhinehart


"Greg offers multiple areas of expertise, which made it easy for me to get my needs met in one place."

“I highly recommend working with Greg Goodman. He was able to attune and understand my vision on a deep level, which I feel allowed him to create a website that was inspired by my very specific vision.

I also appreciated working with Greg because he understands marketing and therefore was able to give me marketing tips along the way. He suggested pieces to my website that make it easier for me to market myself and develop an online presence.
Krista Rhinehart

Dr. Krista Rhinehart
Founder of Life is Ceremony

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FAQs about Web Design for Therapists

Honest answer, that depends on you. If you already have clarity on your dream client and all your copy ready to go, I can have a new website live for you within a month.

However, most therapists need to do the foundational work first to create a successful therapist website design. That’s where my flagship coaching program comes in. It’s a mix of done-with-you and done-for-you. You can learn more here.

Yes and No …

Your website will be optimized for SEO from a technical standpoint. That means using code and technology that Google loves. It will load quickly on all devices and inspire people to visit multiple pages, which Google also loves.

However, unless you provide specific keywords that you want to use (or commission an SEO keyword research project), your website will not be optimized for them.

** Many clients choose to create their website without SEO and then hire an SEO agency later to optimize the keywords.

WordPress offers unparalleled customization options provide therapists with the freedom to create a truly unique and personalized online presence that aligns with their brand and vision.

Additionally, the extensive plugin ecosystem empowers therapists to enhance their websites with various features, from appointment booking to SEO optimization, ensuring an effective online platform for their practice.
The comprehensive content management system, SEO control, and scalability of WordPress make it particularly beneficial for therapists seeking long-term growth and the flexibility to expand their digital offerings in the future.

Furthermore, the sense of ownership and portability with WordPress ensures that therapists retain control over their websites, allowing for easy migration to different hosting providers or platforms if needed.

Ultimately, WordPress stands as a robust and versatile choice, particularly suited for therapists who value complete control, customization, and a strong foundation for their practice’s digital growth.

I help YOU create amazing copy for your therapist website.

No one knows your dream client better than you. That’s why you will be the one writing your copy. However, if that thought intimidates or terrifies you, I’m here to help.

My coaching process gives you an exact formula and templates for writing copy for your website. Plus, I will read every word you write and provide feedback and suggestions. We can do this on Google Docs or with a live “copy editing video call” where we look at your copy together and improve it.

All you need to be willing to do is to write a first draft … no matter how rough and imperfect it may be.

No. I work exclusively in WordPress.

Yes! I have created hundreds of therapist websites in my career. You can find some of my favorites on my portfolio page.

Nope. Every website I create is done completely by hand.

I would love to!

Most therapy practice owners opt for my “No Worries” Website Management Plan, which includes unlimited updates and tech support for life. You can learn more here.

Honestly, I can … but you’re better off collaborating with me on your foundation and your copywriting. That’s the heart and soul of my flagship mentorship program (which includes a new website). Learn more here. 

To be honest, no. You don’t need custom web design.

You could probably create a perfectly effective site on your own using Squarespace. Or, if you’re a therapist, our $97/month Therapist Themes website service might be a good fit.

However, if you’re ready to invest in a website that truly sets you apart in the crowd, then you need a custom website.

* and, because I’ll always be honest with you, it’s important to understand that any website is just the first step. Once it’s live, you’ll still need some mix of SEO and advertising to get people to actually visit it.

Quick answer: yes, your custom website will show up on Google. However, it might show up on page 42.

Until you begin the process of ongoing SEO, your website will remain unseen through organic (non paid) Google searches. This can be a DIY process (here’s a guide to get you started) – or, my SEO team can take care of everything for you.

With template-driven website design services (like Therapist Themes), your website shares certain design elements with every other website using that platform. Things like the way images are layed out or how the calls to action look.

With custom web design, every digital inch is created for you – with your dream client in mind. It can be whatever you want it to be. There are no limits except our combined imaginations. aka, limitless

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