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Yellow accent lines as a metaphor for therapist marketing agency and therapist website design
Yellow accent lines as a metaphor for therapist marketing agency and therapist website design

Greg is a creative genius!

What I appreciate most about Greg is how he takes your vision and turns it into a reality so skillfully and efficiently that you will wonder why you ever spent so much time pulling your hair out trying to figure this web stuff out on your own.Β 

He makes the process feel simple, easy, and fun so you can sit back and focus on the work you’re actually good at.

Clare Johnson, MA, LMFT

My practice has been full with a waitlist for years!

From start to finish, working with Greg Goodman was such a pleasure! My website needed to better reflect who I am as a therapist and speak to the clients I serve, and the process he uses really helped me understand and zero in on those elements.

By the time we started the design process, I knew who I was speaking to and what I wanted to say, so every choice we made, from fonts to colors to images followed from there.

I made so many changes as we went along, even at the very last minute, and Greg’s response was always some version of, “Of course!”. No tweak was too much to accomplish, or too small to matter. I always felt it was important to them to get it right.

Greg and his team really seem to understand that we therapists are a slightly different breed, and we have different needs from other businesses.

I’ve worked with other website designers and IT folks over the years I’ve been in practice, and I’ve never felt so understood.

My friends, family, and (most importantly) clients say the same thing, “This is SO you!”Β You can’t go wrong working with Greg and his team! I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Julie Hattershire, MSW, LISW-S

Dr. Cheng shares her experience going through the Profitable Practice Program.

David Goldman Therapist

Working with Greg was one of the best collaborative working experiences I've ever had.

Greg was knowledgable, professional, clear in his communication, and very skillful in his execution of our design. I’m very proud of what we created and I tremendously enjoyed the process of making it as well.

David Jay Goldman, MFT

I had a wonderful experience working with Greg who helped me design and build my website for my therapy practice.

I had some ideas about what I wanted, but his website design packet really helped me to identify more specific things I liked and didn’t like on other websites that I saw. He bounced a lot of ideas off of me and produced great results every step of the way.

He was supportive, helpful, informative, creative. I had never worked on a website or design before so this was a big learning curve for me. Greg walked me through every step, giving me a lot of guidance, ideas, and choice. He was very responsive. I am so happy with the finished project.

Chelsey Suttaby, LCSW

Therapist marketing and website design

I am so grateful for the work Greg has done for me.

He is creative, prompt, and does great work. A complete package that is hard to come by.

Dolat Bolandi, MA, MFT

Jess Allen, LCSW, ACT - Collaborative CBT Therapy in NYC

My group practice has TRIPLED in size since I started working with Greg.

I will continue to work with Greg on marketing as I trust him thoroughly and believe he is the best at what he does! He was honestly the best person I had worked with and I would recommend him to anyone!

Greg is professional, talented, and organized. He was able to help me come up with a perfect design for my website and had the structure and discipline to show me how to break all the work down and make it manageable for us. I am so proud of our work together!

Jess Allen, LCSW, A-CBT
Founder of Collaborative CBT

Besides for being incredibly talented, Greg is prompt, professional, and always has the best suggestions for rebranding.

Everyone stops and asks me who created my website. To date, it is the most beautiful website I have seen anywhere! Greg is absolutely fantastic.

Masha Shapiro, LMHC
Founder of We Rise NYC

Sharon Potteiger Midwife

We started booking new clients within 3 days of launching our new site.

Hiring Greg was the best decision we’ve made in starting our group practice. With all the website templates available and cheap online designers it was tempting to do it ourselves. The results are well worth every penny spent and the the ease of the whole process is priceless.

Greg meet with us for 1 hour and immediately had a site to start working with. As the process unfolded he listened to our desires and patiently made changes. The end result is a beautifully designed website which functions great on all devices.

Most importantly, having Greg on our team allowed us to have the freedom to do what we do best, provide excellent patient care.

Sharon Potteiger, LM, CPM
Founder of Santa Cruz Midwives

Greg listened to my needs and helped guide me in the process of creating content for my website that speaks to clients.

He also addressed my marketing needs to help get me new clients. Greg has been very responsive in continuing to make desired changes and updates to the website as my practice continues to grow.

I highly recommend Greg for any practitioner who wants to start or grow their business. He is very knowledgeable about therapist and client needs and can help you reach your business goals.

Dr. Nathan Brandon, Psy.D.

Rachel Eddins recommends Greg Goodman for group therapy practice marketing agency services

Greg has a broad marketing knowledge base and knows how to pull together resources to cover the spectrum of digital marketing.

Greg is highly skilled at digital and email marketing, social media, user experience and has been extremely helpful in translating our website vision and needs into a practical reality. Greg is easy to work with, a great writer, and creative thinker. A true marketing manager! Highly recommend Greg for any marketing needs.

Rachel Eddins, LPC
Founder of Eddins Counseling Group

My experience with Greg has been very collaborative every step of the way.

I was stuck not knowing what or how to write the content for a new website.Β His program helped me understand exactly who my audience was and what I needed to convey.Β 

Even after the initial launch, he is available to help with marketing ideas and additions to the website.Β 

Like having a team member you can count on, it’s reassuring to know I can reach out whenever I need help with something.

Tammy Nakahashi
Soul Evolution Coaching

Greg was instrumental in our clinic’s success.

Greg’s relational intelligence makes him really well suited to the mental health field and is a rare quality in the marketing world. He has a niche understanding of our market and has great insight into strategy. He’s also very high-integrity as an individual and I trust him completely in our work together.

Maya Johansson, LMFT
Co-Founder of Well Clinic SF

Alex Dimitriu Psychiatrist

Working with Greg has been an amazing experience from start to finish.

He offers artistry and technical expertise to create some truly beautiful and functional sites. Great ideation and interaction overall as well!

Alex Dimitriu, MD
Founder of Silicon Psych

Greg is responsive, understanding, and he takes feedback well.

I was having trouble filling spaces for new therapists and needed to update my marketing. My practice is definitely growing with the website we created together.

Even more helpful for me was the process of going through the website content creation process. Greg’s questions really helped me focus on what my practice wants to focus on as a whole – as well as how to figure out if therapists are a good fit for my practice.

Working with Greg has been easy. I found our regular meetings really seamless and positive. Greg told me up front that he needed to know how to work best with me. That made it really easy for me to say, β€œGreg, this is working, this isn’t working. I like this. I don’t like this. I can’t do this.”

I felt like he was there to support me instead of me needing me to bend his way of working in order to get this project done.

I felt the most relief that I wasn’t all alone in having to figure all this out. I have help from a professional I can trust – and that was incredibly useful, supportive, and encouraging.

I also really like Greg’s sense of humor and how he is very connected to the same target in terms of making the world a better place. And it’s just a pleasure to work with somebody else who is fundamentally geared and oriented that way.

Jessica Gregg, LPCS
Founder of the Center For Improving Relationships

Greg is a pleasure to work with, highly skilled, and an asset for any company.

Greg was instrumental in getting our startup off the ground. We needed to work with an outside expert who was self managing and understood what was, and what was not essential for an early stage company.Β 

His commitment and diligence in building our website, sales decks, and marketing collateral made it easy for my cofounder and I to stay focused on fundraising and building product.Β 

Cameron Yarbrough, LMFT
Co-Founder of Torch Executive CoachingΒ 

Thanks to Greg’s guidance, I had no summer lull this year. In fact, I have a waitlist!

I had been struggling with my website and profile on psychology today. After reading and implementing your advice I now regularly have ‘walk-ins’ from web searches and people looking at my site. Your material is so helpful and I’ve recommended you to a lot of other therapists I know – your work is amazing!

Heather Gaskill, MSW, RSW

Deborah Brewer, LCSW

Greg and his team made it so easy to get my website up and running.

Greg and his team made it so easy to get my website up and running. I love the design but it’s also very functional and easy for my clients to navigate. Greg is extremely responsive when I ask for additions and changes and I couldn’t be happier with the service he provides my therapy practice.

Deborah Brewer, LCSW

All I can say is β€œyou’re in good hands with Greg … Don’t leave home without him.”

When my book was recently published, I knew I’d have to promote it, something my publisher strongly urged. & I knew, in todays world, the means to do that was the Internet. But where to start ? what to do ? how to do it ? … which led me to Greg Goodman.Β 

For Greg, I wasn’t simply a one-off β€œjob”. I was a client … someone to work with over the long haul. He began by helping me define what kind of presence I wanted … & then, with my input, he designed a website, and helped me set and run a Facebook page.

Everything was scaled to what I wanted and what I could realistically achieve … both in terms of getting notice of my book and recognition for myself.

Carl Rosenstock
Award-Winning Poet

Lori Gersh Professional Organizer

Greg is smart, easy to work with, knowledgable, professional ... and, most importantly, a super nice guy.

Greg is truly amazing!

After being in business for over 12 years I came to a crossroads and realized that it was time to update and rebrand my business and my website. The thought of it all made me feel overwhelmed.

I was lucky enough to find Goodman Creatives after extensive searches on the internet and something felt right.Β Personally, I tend to struggle when it comes to good enough vs. perfection…which often ends up in delayed decisions.

Greg really took the time to help me through this daunting process, listened patiently to my many questions and indecisions, offered spot-on options and solutions and helped guide me to a successful outcome… and I could not be happier with the results!

I feel lucky to have found him and could not be happier with my new website!

Lori Gersh
NAPO-Certified Organizing Professional

Lynndal Daniels, MA, LMFT, BCC

Greg was professional all around, including in his patience with me, my changes, and my procrastination.

I found Greg while searching for examples of therapist’s websites that I liked and might be inspired by. I’m glad I did.Β I’m very pleased with the end result and would highly recommend him and his company for website development work.

Lynndal K Daniels, MA, LMFT, BCC

I am looking forward to a continued relationship with a talented, sensitive and creative professional.

My website needed an upgrade badly. So Greg sat down with me and after listening to my issues candidly let me know my options. And he gave me valuable feedback on my website. It took me several e-mails to make the needed changes, he did promptly & professionally. I am looking forward to a continued relationship with a talented, sensitive and creative professional.

Ahuti Fered

Theresa Soltzberg

Working with Greg was a pleasure and I found him to be extremely responsive and adaptable, not only to me as a customer, but also to my ideas and preferences during the design process.

I wholeheartedly recommend Greg Goodman! I worked with him on my coaching website after originally hiring him for consultation as I tried to create my own site.Β 

After meeting with him once and listening to his input and ideas, I quickly realized that the result would be infinitely more professional, impactful and successful if I hired him to create my site instead of struggling to create something on my own – and my instincts were correct!Β 

I love my site and feel that it fits who I am and what I’m about, and I’m often asked who designed it. I’m in the process of becoming a therapist and plan to work with Greg in the future when I’m ready to set up my practice and also as I move further into marketing.

Theresa Soltzberg, AMFT

Val Tate, LMFT

Greg is a rare find because he is so easy to work with and delivers.

Greg designed, created and launched my entire website, did SEO and has been there for me at every turn for updates needed and most recently when my website was hacked. He was available immediately to clean up the mess.

Working with Greg on a project is a breeze. He has a very calm demeanor while also being punctual on deadlines. He gave me short writing assignments to complete the website while he did the backend and made hugely valuable suggestions for the design, toolbar, client contact possibilities and SEO.

Val Tate, LMFT

RJ Patz - Strategic Consultant

I could not be more pleased with Goodman Creatives, and I recommend Greg without reservation.

Greg is a consummate professional and a gifted website developer. He was entirely solution-focused and collaborated well with the other parties involved, always giving me his best advice and moving forward to execute on my decisions.

Greg was patient about the delays and never rushed me to make decisions. On the other hand, he was always prompt in his work and never missed a deadline.Β 

RJ Patz

Krista Rhinehart

Greg offers multiple areas of expertise, which made it easy for me to get my needs met in one place.

I highly recommend working with Goodman Creatives. Greg was able to attune and understand my vision on a deep level, which I feel allowed him to create a website that was inspired by my very specific vision.

I also appreciated working with Greg because he understands marketing and therefore was able to give me marketing tips along the way. He suggested pieces to my website that make it easier for me to market myself and develop an online presence.

Dr. Krista Rhinehart
Founder of Life is Ceremony

Catherine Singstad, LMFT

I highly recommend working with Greg. He's truly a gem!

Greg revamped my therapy website & I couldn’t be happier with the new site. It’s exactly what I’ve wanted my site to look like – for years! He took my ideas and turned them into something much more than what I envisioned. Greg is highly professional, responsive/quick to turn things around, interpersonally skillful, and fun to collaborate with.

Catherine Singstad, MFT

Miranda Wise, CPO

I love Greg's collaborative approach and broad skill set.

Greg is incredibly talented, professional, and worth every penny! I’m so glad I chose him to do my website. When all I gave him was a vague direction, he came back with something brilliant. When I had an idea about what I wanted, he made it happen, and sometimes found a way to make it even better. He is now my go-to person for any help with my web presence.

Miranda Wise, CPO

I highly recommend Greg for any creative web design project for your business.

In my position as an online marketer, I work alongside other professionals in design and marketing often. Sometimes it doesn’t go so well either due to massive egos or just a general lack of ability. Goodman Creatives had none of these issues on a recent project. He is easy to work with, communicates clearly and often, and not only that, does some fantastic web design work!

Ross Taylor
Founder of Alameda Internet Marketing

Sarah Wescott, Therapist

Greg was great at expressing his opinion and then stepping back to let me make my own decision.

Greg helped me adapt my husband’s website (we are both psychotherapists) and make it my own. The site is similar but also unique and it saved our family some money. We used the existing framework Greg built and he suggested a great source for stock photos. He was timely and responsive and a total professional.

Sarah Wescott, MFT

Greg is a trusted ally of my business.

Greg developed my website and my “look” online. My prior web site was a navigational nightmare, Greg created a brand new site, and online store, enabling me to have a website that people can land on, stay on, and navigate around on much easier than before.

Greg always comes through for me with reliability and timeliness. Greg offers excellent solutions to the many, many questions and challenges I have put before him.

I also happily use Greg’s marketing management services, and have used his photography services as well.

Dr. Sylvia Skefich, DC
Founder of the Better Back & Body Shop

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