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Need More Clients?

Follow my Proven Therapist Web Design and Marketing Formula to fill your caseload with ease and flow.

  • Create a beautiful website
  • Connect with your dream client
  • Give them plenty of ways to reach out
  • Run Google Ads
  • Do all the other marketing stuff (optional)

What best describes you as a mental health professional?

I have no idea where to start!

I am ready to create a website or do marketing.

I need help scaling my group practice.

A full practice starts with an effective therapist website

Google. SEO. Social Media. Blogging. Newsletters. These are all just flags we wave to get someone’s attention and bring them to your website. Once there, it’s time to create a personal connection.

Your dream client is suffering. They have a problem and you are the solution. However, before talking about yourself, trust must be established.

The ideal therapist website is like a page out of your dream client’s journal.

Your text and images should identify their pain points, paint a picture of life without their issues, and inspire hope. Done right, your website serves as a virtual intake call. That way, by the time they reach out, their only question should be, “when can we start?”

How do people find your therapist website?

Reality Check: The average cost of getting a new client with Google Ads is $400. To get leads for “free,” you need to do SEO … which takes 8-12 months before seeing real results. Plus, unless you have a big budget, it requires a lot of work on your end.

Social media is like a billboard on the side of the road. While it occasionally brings you a new client, it’s mostly there for building relationships over months or years.

How do you lower those prices and timelines? You guessed it … by identifying a niche and speaking directly to your dream client.

web design portfolio

Hi. I’m Greg Goodman.

My career as a therapist web design and marketing expert began in 2006. That’s when a family friend asked for help running Google Ads for her practice … and my life changed forever.

In the decades since, I have helped hundreds of therapists, group practices, and mental health clinics get more clients with ease and flow.

My approach is compassionate, collaborative, professional, and includes as much (or as little) hand-holding as you need to succeed.

Wherever you are in your career, I am here to help and serve.

With Gratitude,
Greg Goodman

Here’s everything I know about how the Therapist Marketing Puzzle fits together.

“Greg is easy to work with, a great writer, and creative thinker.”

Greg is highly skilled at digital and email marketing, social media, user experience and has been extremely helpful in translating our website vision and needs into a practical reality.

He has a broad marketing knowledge base and knows how to pull together resources to cover the spectrum of digital marketing. A true marketing manager! Highly recommend Greg for any marketing needs.

~ Rachel Eddins, M.Ed., LPC-S
Owner of Eddins Counseling Group

Do you need a niche and dream client? Yes and no.

“I don’t want to lock myself in.” “If I do that, I won’t get enough clients.” Most therapists resist (or dread) identifying a niche and dream client. If that sounds like you, here’s a mindset shift …

Identifying the person you most want to serve does NOT lock you into anything for the rest of your career. It’s more like a set of guidelines to help create a cohesive narrative across everything you do online.

When you try to talk to everyone, you wind up talking to no one at all. Having clarity helps you create a personal connection on your website. It inspires your copy, design, images, and calls to action. Then, once you have your foundation in place, it’s time to turn on the marketing machine.

Popular Therapist Marketing Services

Affordable Therapist Websites

All-Inclusive Websites

Get more paying clients with a beautiful, effective, and customizable website. — Includes site updates, hosting, tech support, and more.

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Custom Web Design

Through a highly collaborative process, we will explore your ideas, goals, and dreams … then create a design to make your heart sing.

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Therapist Marketing

Marketing and Coaching

Let me be your online business partner. From strategy sessions to SEO, Google Ads, social media, blogging, and more.

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Self-Discovery eCourse

The Keys to a Successful Therapist Website contains 7-weeks of guides, exercises, and resources to help you build an amazing website.

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If there were ever a time to reshape the world of mental health awareness, this would be it.

Want to know the secret formula?

We take the time to understand your dream client before developing a plan. Only by knowing who you most want to serve can we truly inspire them to reach out and become a paying client.

To discover what that looks like for your practice, reach out today and schedule a free strategy session. Hope to hear from you soon!

~ Greg Goodman

Trusted by therapy practice owners everywhere

Alex Dimitriu

Silicon Psych

Goodman Creatives has been an amazing experience start to finish. Great ideation and interaction overall as well!

Julie Lingler

Couples Counselor

Greg understands that we therapists are a different breed, and we have different needs from other businesses.

Jess Allen

Jess Allen

Collaborative CBT

I will continue to work with Greg on marketing, as I trust him thoroughly and believe he is the best at what he does!

What do you need help with?

Reach out and let's chat about your practice goals

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