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“One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out.” ~ Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

Amazon in All Its Glory

On the 5th of July 1994, Jeff Bezos founded a humble website called Amazon that sold used, second-hand books. Little did we know then that this modest initiative was going to take the world by a storm, one we gladly surrendered to.

Today, nearly 26 years later, Jeff Bezos is on his way to becoming the world’s first-ever trillionaire and has become the world’s bulkiest retailer and an ever-so-popular household name.

Offering a massive marketplace to sellers, the company presents a wide array of varied products and services, thanks to which, anyone who has a promising idea or the mere determination to make money can find effective and practical ways to do so with Amazon.


Well, you shouldn’t be. Keep reading to know more.

Five Ways to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling

While selling products on Amazon seems like the most viable option to make money, there are a few interesting ways in which one can channel one’s skills and talents into making money with Amazon and earn a considerable amount, of course for those selling on Amazon, using an Online Arbitrage Website can be the best choice for these sells.

Here’s a list of 5 money-making opportunities that do not involve selling.

1. Dive into the World of Amazon Affiliates

You may not be a seller but you do know what it takes to become a good promoter or marketer. If marketing is your forte and you wish to tap into your marketing skills for some extra cash, become an Amazon Associate by signing up for the Program.

All you need is an Amazon account, a fair amount of time on your hands, and a passion for marketing.

No matter where you are in the world physically, you can work for Amazon as an Amazon Affiliate from any and every Amazon Geographical location, virtually.

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate demands no fee. Create an Amazon account and follow these little steps to set yourself up as an Amazon Affiliate.

  • Reach the Amazon Associates Homepage and click on Browse Products.
  • Once directed to a product category page, choose the product you are interested to promote from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, click on Get Link that lies to the right of the page. Based on your preference, create, and procure the HTML code for the sort of product link you wish to use.
  • To seal the deal, copy-paste that particular HTML code to your blog or blog post.

Find the most appropriate keywords and promote a slew of Amazon Products and services on your site. Use a tool called Long Trail Pro to determine the best keywords that can help you create well-integrated and well-ranked content.

You can become an Amazon Affiliate from the get-go and this job hack makes for a great side-hustle. It is a commission-based job wherein you are eligible for a 4% commission. While this number may not amount to a lot, it is a great start. The faster you get the hang of it, the better you become.

If you want to learn more about the world of Amazon Affiliates, Agora has some great free Amazon Affiliate training available that you should check out.


2. Use Your Writing Skills with MTurk

MTurk is short-term for Amazon Mechanical Turk. This is Amazon’s crowdsourcing benefit and it can help you make money without selling any products. If you have a flair for writing and participating in surveys, this job option is for you.

To get started, all you need to do is join Mechanical Turk as a “Turker”, in other words, a worker. Once you sign up as a Turker, you can complete simple assignments that Amazon calls “Human Intelligence Tasks” or HITs.

As a Turker, here are few tasks you could try your hand at:

  • Answering Surveys — You can make a small but steady sum of money by simply answering a few short surveys that take up hardly any time. For every 10 surveys you submit, you can get about $8 in your pocket.
  • Create Transcriptions — This task always gives you a bonus. All you need to do is transcribe short audio clips into concise and easy-to-consume words. Make $3-$4 per hour by writing short transcripts.
  • Curate Google Search Descriptions — This job entails a simple process wherein you search for catchy keyword phrases on Google and copy-paste them onto MTurk. It takes just seconds to complete this task and you can make up to $0.15 approximately on each task.


3. Sell Customer-Centric Services on Amazon

Making money on Amazon doesn’t necessarily involve selling products only. Today, a large number of professionals resort to Amazon to cater their services to the masses.

Amazon is stacked with a broad network of white-glove service experts who make a lot of money just by helping customers with their daily routine chores. From product assemblers and installers to handymen like electricians and Pet Groomers, sell your professional services and earn up to $20 an hour.


4. Become A Trust-worthy Amazon Consultant

A lot of people who join Amazon as sellers or traders need guidance and assistance to scale up their profits in business and increase sales on their Amazon Stores. From trademarking brands to promotion strategies, you can offer consultation services and draw a salary anywhere between $60,000 to $150, 000 annually.


5. Join the Amazon Flex Program

To meet your financial goals, make the best of your time and resources and become a delivery agent with Amazon. The Amazon Flex Program enables you to work at your convenience and make a quick buck while you’re at it. Use your own vehicle to pick up and deliver Amazon Packages in your time and earn up to $18-25 an hour.


In A Nutshell

From online shopping to whole foods grocery purchasing, Amazon is a common go-to for every fathomable need. However, it’s no longer just an app to get goods delivered to your doorstep. This trillion-dollar enterprise has a large claim over the media business. A

mazon Studios produces umpteen stellar movies and TV-shows each year, and the company has its very own OTT platform called Amazon Prime Video that’s got everyone hooked for good.

Amazon also owns a plethora of other business concerns like Goodreads, Twitch-Tv, Audible, Zappos, IMDB, and more.

Join the Amazon wagon and make the best of your capabilities and strengths to make good money off of practical odd jobs and creative work that does not revolve around selling products

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