If you’re a Gmail user that signed up for my newsletter, odds are that it’s landing in your Promotions folder.

That’s a bummer – because you’re probably missing out on all the great resources I’ve sent you.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to ensure you get everything I send.

1. Open your settings in Gmail by clicking on the gear icon and choosing “settings”

2. In your settings, select Filters and Blocked Addresses and click “Create New Filter”

3. Type [email protected] into the “From” box and click “Create Filter”

4. Click the box that says “Categorize as” and select “Primary” from the dropdown

Optional: If you want all messages you’ve received that currently meet this criteria to be moved to your Primary tab now, check the box for Also Apply Filter to [x] Matching Messages

Voila! Now all the resources will be sent to your Primary tab instead of Promotions.


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