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What is Good Marketing?

Good marketing draws you in. It tells a story, makes you think, and inspires action.

Good marketing gets you excited excites and makes you want more. It’s something that must be experienced and felt.

Good marketing fades into your subconscious – stored there until you’re ready to make a purchase. And, good marketing continues long after you are a paying customer.

Watch this video + experience the beauty of Good Marketing.


Good Marketing Memes

It’s always fun to see how a creative idea evolves. Recently, I Googled “good marketing memes” and was shocked by the lack of good results. So, I opened up Photoshop, selected Impact Bold as my font, and pondered what a marketing meme would even look like.

After creating a few good marketing memes using stock photos, I reflected my goal of being more authentic in my marketing. That’s when I dove into my own archive of travel photography and found inspiration.

As I fondly recalled memories from a decade of backpacking the world, I found ways to relate each photo to the experience of good marketing.


As you scroll through these marketing memes, you’ll notice links in each image’s description. These lead you to the corresponding story or photo gallery on my travel blog.

Bagan Monk - Marketing Memes Greg Goodman Photography
A monk in the ancient city of Bagan, Myanmar

A sunrise acro yoga session at Yosemite National Park

A Mahut gives his elephant a bath in Chiang Mai, Thailand

My wife, Carrie, at the Bolivian Salt Flats
My wife, Carrie, at the Bolivian Salt Flats

My dog, Falcor

Abe Lincoln during a Civil War reenactment – Duncan’s Mills, CA

The annual 12,999 Monk Procession in Chiang Mai, Thailand

A train weaves through the mountains above Ella, Sri Lanka

Shea Stadium – home of the New York Mets

My dad – Daniel Goodman – in Giza, Egypt

Carrie Turkey
My wife, Carrie, in Pamukkale, Turkey

Sunrise at the Golden Temple – Amritsar, India

Inside a travel agency in McLeod Ganj, India

A food truck vendor in Palo Alto, CA

Jesse Day filming a scene from Get Lost in Korea

Me with the dogs in Alabama Hills, CA

Meditating at Wat Umong – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sunrise tourism at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

A postcard vendor in Bagan, Myanmar

Atop the world’s tallest building – Dubai’s Burj Khalifa

My wife and our pups!

Carving totem poles in South Korea

Carrie at the Tlos Ruins – Fethiye, Turkey

Participating in an exorcism on a boat in South Korea 

A smiling security guard hamming it up for the camera in Manilla, Philippines 

Traditional guards at Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, South Korea

 A freelance photographer asleep on the job in Seoul, South Korea

Me moonwalking in front of the Taj Mahal in Agra, India

Talal Dakkak – the owner of Expert Plumbing in Santa Cruz, CA

Making my way around Istanbul, Turkey

Katie waits for sunset above Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Caz in Bodega Bay, CA

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