How Email Deliverability Affects Your B2B Marketing Success?

Are your B2B emails getting through? Learn why deliverability is so important for your marketing.

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Email marketing continues to dominate and is still one of the most powerful tools that you can utilize for your B2B business.

Don’t let your faith waiver—trust the statistics. Email marketing is still unbeatable when it comes to effectiveness compared to any other content strategy.

The most common mistakes marketers and business owners commit these days are paying too much attention to things that don’t bring in big results. When it comes to email marketing, there are two main factors that you should look at as these directly affect your campaign’s success: email content and deliverability.

Don’t get confused; email delivery and email deliverability are two different terms.

When your emails are sent to the server—that’s email delivery. While email deliverability is when your emails reach inside the inboxes of the recipients you’re trying to contact.

B2B companies must monitor and improve their email deliverability to maximize email marketing results. In this article, we will dive deeper into how email deliverability affects your B2B marketing success. Read on!

How Deliverability affects your B2B Marketing?

Email is still largely used by B2B marketers as they rely heavily on it to communicate with their customers, generate leads and sales. Moreover, an email marketing CRM is still hailed as the most effective digital marketing channel in terms of a higher conversion rate and better ROI. Thus, succeeding in it means better business growth and revenue for you.

However, it is important to ensure first your email is delivered in your target recipients’ inboxes. Even if you crafted the most convincing content or an extremely irresistible offer—if your subscribers didn’t receive your mail, then it’s all useless. That’s how indispensable email deliverability is in any B2B marketing campaign, nor to any business.


Inaccurate campaign reporting

The strength of reporting processes is indispensable as it can directly affect the success or failure of your marketing strategies. The results of the reports’ would help evaluate your campaign performance. It will also help test and scale your campaigns, as well as obtaining actionable insights to help you make an informed decision or take appropriate actions.

Correct reports always originate from clean and accurate data.

However, bad data is not good for marketing reports since it can corrupt your report and convey the wrong results. Solely relying on inaccurate reports can make you susceptible to committing bad decisions that will influence your overall marketing strategy. Consequently, to have effective marketing metrics and marketing reports, it should be based on clean and accurate data.


Wasted Money

Sending email campaigns without resolving your deliverability issues will be a total waste of your money. Your goal should be to make sure your emails are delivered to your recipients’ inboxes. Don’t just settle on having a good deliverability rate as it is not a guarantee. If you’ve run out of money for your business, you can try earning some on sites like 선시티카지노.

Maintaining excellent email management hygiene will help prevent possible deliverability issues like emails landing in junk folders.

Again, it’s not enough to just craft compelling content. If you keep sending to unresponsive, closed and inactive email accounts, then your email would just flatly be tagged as spam.


Not Targeted Communication

Sending bulk, generic, and templated emails are just plain convenient and easy since automation will do most of the work for you. In other words, you do not need to constantly plan or strategize your email marketing campaigns. Indeed, sending the same messages to your subscribers, leaving everything to chance and expecting that someone would cling is easy, but unquestionably lazy and most ineffective marketing strategy out there.

Irrelevant and frequent emails are two prime reasons unsubscribing.

So avoid doing these and instead send more targeted messages. Examine your email and click-through reports as well, to find out your subscribers’ interests. Periodically check your audience to see updates on their preferences.

What affects the Deliverability rate?

Several factors affect email deliverability rate: (1) Sender Reputation, (2) Email Service Provider, (3) sender domain, and (4) spam complaints.

Many issues about email deliverability are caused by bad sender reputation. The Email Service Provider (ESP) manages the scoring system, which regulates email marketers and decreases the incidents of spam and abuse. Moreover, other factors affect your scores apart from sender reputation, like your email contents and links.

Your spam rate also indicates your deliverability rate, so you should avoid spam rate that beats more than one per thousand. Though, there are two kinds of spam: internal spam (recipients that unsubscribed from your mailing lists and clicked spam as a reason), and external spam (marked as spam after it was reported to ESP by your recipient).


Email Service Provider

ESPs are service providers that offer email marketing or bulk email services. It can help you speed up the process when you launch an email marketing or newsletter. ESPs have many services and features such as a pre-made template for sending to contacts or managing your subscriber’s list.

Besides, its equipped with the tools necessary to take your statistical reviews to measure each campaign’s success rate and review each email sent. Also, it includes compatibility testing that can examine templates with email applications, and spam testing that yields email score against known factors that might get you blocked. Further, ESPs are capable of sending both HTML and plain text formats to enhance delivery success rates.


Sender Reputation

The spam filter system is in charge of evaluating your reputation scores based on the emails you sent. If the system marked your email as spam you will get a lower score and may get blocked in the process if you get even lower. Additionally, you can have a lower score from reports made by people, tagging you as an abusive sender, or if reported frequently.


Email List hygiene and List verification

It is imperative to verify your email list before launching an email campaign. Email list verification is a method to determine the legitimacy and deliverability of your email list. Maintaining a good email list hygiene by regularly cleaning your data positively affects your deliverability rate.

How to improve an email marketing campaign deliverability rate?

It’s easy to improve your deliverability rate as long as you follow some of these best practices:

  1. Maintain a clean list. Such as doing a data check to find out typographical errors, missing characters, or invalid syntax, delete all inactive email addresses to decrease your bounce rate, and identify possible complainants by observing feedback loops and deleting them from your list.
  2. Consider email throttling. Send emails to contacts by small batches to better evaluate your campaign quality. Throttling is a good email practice to avoid possible spam reports and bounces.
  3. Quality over quantity. When you send emails to people that show no interest in your offers—it will affect your deliverability. By deleting inactive and unresponsive recipients you’ll enhance your deliverability rate resulting in fewer unsubscribes, unopens and bounces.

How to choose a good ESP?

Knowing the kind of features you need would help you choose the right ESP. Your ESP should match the email marketing program that you run. In general, aside from finding out their deliverability rate and monitoring, a good ESP should have these five key benefits:

  1. Email automation
  2. Usability
  3. Integration
  4. Segmentation and Targeting
  5. Reporting and Analysis

How to Maintain a perfect Sender reputation?

To keep your sender reputation intact, you should adhere to email best practices. Start by sending not too frequent yet relevant emails to a hundred subscribers. Plus keep your email list clean, updated and free from bounces. Moreover, don’t ever send emails to people who have never interacted with your business.


Email plays a huge role in any sales and marketing funnel. However, succeeding in email marketing requires both compelling content and a good deliverability rate. Paying attention to your email deliverability, therefore, is of utmost importance as it directly affects your B2B marketing success.



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