IN 2020

Getting leads and clients used to be easy. A successful marketing campaign could consist of Google Ads, SEO, and a newsletter. Social Media was optional, and people were way less distracted. Times sure have changed.

In 2020, marketing can no longer be looked at as a collection of unrelated services.  You need to go beyond what’s expected and meet your dream client on their turf. Getting leads means putting your business in front of their eyes in as many places as possible.

For a business to succeed, you need an integrated omnichannel marketing plan. One that reinforces your brand and gets hot leads to become paying clients.

You need to create regular content and use the latest tools to promote it. Meanwhile, you’ll want to constantly evolve your sales funnel, keep your website fresh, manage a team of marketing experts, and use data to guide your next steps.

I can do all that for your business.

Get the benefit and dependability of a marketing director at a price point that makes sense for your business and budget.


Every business can benefit from having a marketing director. Historically, this person is a full-time employee, working out of a local office. I’ve done that before. It’s a wasteful job.

Most small businesses don’t need that kind of time commitment to be successful. All they really need is someone to understand what makes your company special and manage the big picture. And, someone with the resources to actually get you more clients and business.

A few things I can manage for your business.

Local SEO and linkbuilding
CRM setup
Market research and data analysis
Google Ads management
Marketing automations
Online scheduling
Company Wiki creation
Website overhaul
Facebook and social media
Conversational marketing
Competitor analysis
Graphic design
gSuite management


Greg Goodman ceo and founder

As your marketing director (or project manager – or whatever you want to call me), I will work tirelessly to get you more clients. Each month, I’ll optimize your successful campaigns, try new things, and use data to guide our next steps.

I’ll also be thinking about your business … a lot. Any time I hear about a new trend in marketing, I’ll see if it’s a fit for your business. Any time I’m meditating, my mind will probably drift off to your business. (wait, is that a good thing?!)

Of course, I’m also always open to your ideas for staying ahead of the competition. Whatever you come up with, I’ll figure out the most profitable way to do it.

We can use my team of marketing experts and web gurus or I can work with your preferred partners.


My project management services are a perfect fit for small and mid-sized businesses who are looking for the comprehensive level of service that only a marketing professional can provide. 

Does this sound like your company?

  • You have (or could have) a marketing budget of at least 50k/year
  • You currently outsource some or all of your marketing
  • You’ve been thinking of hiring a new marketing manager or director
  • You run a leads-based business
  • You refer to customers as clients
  • You value having someone who knows how all the moving parts fit together.



When I come on board, we will dive into all your current marketing efforts to understand what’s working and what can be improved. From there, I will develop and manage a new and effective marketing plan.

At some point, I’ll probably recommend using Marketing Juice as a foundation for our work together. While it’s not required, it does make everything I do that much more effective.

When we collaborate on a Marketing Juice campaign, I gain a deep connection and understanding of your business, brand, and dream client. As you can imagine, this comes in quite handy when taking the lead on getting you more clients.

Either way, with me at the helm, your marketing plan and website will thing of beauty … an eternal work-in-progress that’s always developing new ways to get you more leads for less money. You set the budget, I take care of the rest.

Greg is a pleasure to work with, highly skilled, and an asset for any company.

We needed to work with an outside expert who was self managing and understood what was, and what was not essential for an early stage company. His commitment and diligence made it easy for my co-founder and I to stay focused on fundraising and building product.

Cameron Yarbrough
CEO of Torch Labs



Get help from a seasoned industry professional. $200/hour


From $2,000/month
(plus ad and services budget)


If you just need a specific marketing service, here’s the pricing page.

You can rest-easy knowing that “Greg’s taking care of it.”

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