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Writing is like singing … everybody can do it, but do you actually want to hear (or read) the results? Great copy is an essential part of promoting your business online. Pictures are great and videos are fabulous, but most people still feel (subconsciously) an instinctive trust for the printed word.

Far too often, copywriting is an afterthought for small businesses, and those who get it “on the cheap” generally find that “cheap” is really costly. Goodman Creatives will work with your business to craft copy that attracts your ideal customer and reflects your unique voice.

The best copy comes from a place of authenticity

Copywriting for Websites

Every business has unique needs when it comes to website copy.

A big software company needs something totally different from a therapist or the local donut shop down the street. When considering what copy to write, ask yourself:

  • What’s the goal of the website — providing information or entertainment, obtaining sales or votes?
  • Who is the audience — professionals, gifted amateurs, the totally uninformed?
  • What’s the tone — straight up declarative, make the reader think, a call to action?
  • Do you want to include humor? Do your photos or graphics need a caption or a dissertation?
  • What is the background of someone visiting your site? Do they have an in-depth knowledge of your subject?

Once you understand your ideal visitor, a few fundamentals apply: KISS (keep it simple and scannable); organize it, stay focused on the message the visitor needs, be very organized and visually pleasing. It’s important to remember that your visitor is always one quick step away from doing something else — a competing site, social media, a co-worker or family member, Netflix, or any number of other distractions.

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Social media copy

Over 90 percent of marketers say social media is profitable to their business. However, you need to keep in mind that the copywriting differs from website copy because social media users didn’t go there to buy something … they went on social media to connect to someone.

Each social media platform has a slightly different purpose and, research shows, slightly different rules for success. For example:

  • Facebook allows you around 10,000 words per post. But, the most engaging posts usually have less than 100 characters — they are short, sweet and to-the-point!
  • Twitter limits you to 140 characters per “tweet”. Your click through rate, however, will better than double if your tweets are 120-140 characters and include one or two (but not three) hashtags.

Goodman Creatives keeps tabs on all the rules and the latest trends in social media. We’ll develop a program that builds trust with customers through frequent interaction and increases website traffic, leads and sales.

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SEO Copywriting

Every search engine uses algorithms (specific sets of rules) that determine how well each webpage relates to search terms input into their engine. Use of specific keywords, where and how they’re used, and other factors improve or weaken that relevance.

SEO copywriting is a skill closely-related, but not identical to, website or social media copywriting. Fortunately, the artists of Goodman Creatives are the craftsmen who can optimize your entire web presence.

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