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Julie Hattershire, MSW, LISW-S, is Cincinnati’s top couples, relationship, and sex therapist. Since 2018, I have helped Julie:

Julie Hattershire uses her vibrant personality, authentic marketing, Google Ads, and an effective therapist website to grow her relationship therapy practice.

Yellow accent lines as a metaphor for therapist marketing agency and therapist website design
Yellow accent lines as a metaphor for therapist marketing agency and therapist website design

About Julie's Therapist Website Design

Julie was looking for a therapist website that was modern, colorful, and uniquely her. Something that would connect with her target audience and inspire them to reach out. 

We used purple (Julie’s favorite!) as a starting point. Then, we added an air of sophistication with a light gray texture in the background and a picture frame element around images.

The layout is contemporary in style and blocky on purpose, touching upon a more masculine or gender-neutral design. The font usage and imagery reflect this as well. Graphic, solid, bright, and bold.

Peek Inside

“Greg and his team really seem to understand that we therapists are a slightly different breed, and we have different needs from other businesses.”

“The process Greg uses helped me zero in on my dream client. By the time we started the design, I knew who I was speaking to and what I wanted to say. Every choice we made (fonts, colors, images, etc.) followed from there.

I made so many changes as we went along, even at the very last minute, and Greg’s response was always some version of, “Of course!” — No tweak was too much to accomplish, or too small to matter. From start to finish, working with Greg Goodman was such a pleasure! I’ve never felt so understood.”

A Google Ads Case Study

Because Julie’s website was properly optimized and provided a great user experience, we could leverage it to generate strong leads at a high conversion rate on Google Ads.

Through extensive A/B testing of keywords, copy, and other elements, we found that Google’s dynamic ad group works best at driving conversions. Julie’s top landing page is her Couples Counseling page, which features quality, relatable content and clear Calls To Action. This helps the page convert at nearly 5x the industry average.

Gold stars exemplifying therapist marketing agency

Conversion Rate

The industry average is 2-4%

cost per new client

Julie converts an astounding 44% of leads

Click Through Rate

The industry average is 2%

“Greg has become my social media GPS – my one point of contact for all my marketing and branding needs.”
Julie Lingler

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