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As the world starts to get back to normal, you may be realizing that the pandemic had a bigger effect on your business than you expected. Figuring out how to pick up the pieces and start rebuilding can feel difficult at first. But starting with some of these ideas can help you find your bearings.

Target New Market Segments

As you’re thinking about new market segments to bust into, think carefully about the different functions your products and services could serve for different groups.

For example, maybe you tend to sell your online data platform services to hospital systems specifically to help them organize and better manage their data. But maybe now is a good time to think about how you could market that same product to smaller individual clinics. It may take a tweaked marketing approach, but targeting a new segment will help you come back after you’ve suffered losses.

Generate More Leads

Now is a great time to pay more attention to your website. As you’re thinking about how to generate more leads to your site, think carefully about the strategies you adopt. Typically, the best lead generation strategy is organically through SEO rather than through paid methods.

Putting effort into creating solid content that uses the right keywords and that eventually gets linked to is the best way to really generate more leads.

Try New Sales Channels

When it comes to building your business back after losses, it’s important to think about creative ways to sell your products if it seems like your typical sales channels have been stunted a bit. For example, if you’ve been running a restaurant, making takeout even more accessible is a great idea.

As you think about how to make takeout even more convenient for customers, make sure you have a quick and effective system. If possible, try to form a curb-side pull-up system as this allows customers to stay in their cars. You should also think about adding any benefits or rewards for customers who do takeout a certain number of times etc.   

When so many things have changed as a result of the pandemic, it can feel difficult to know how to get everything back on track. As you’re thinking about where to start, these ideas may help you find a good direction to go in. Focus on reaching new clients and expanding your online presence and go from there.

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