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Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being a part of the Marketing Success For Therapists Webinar! Now, let inspiration fuel action, as you embark into an exciting new era for your practice.

You may already know what new therapist marketing techniques you want to use. Hopefully, at least a few of them are outside of your comfort zone … as that just might just be where your dream client is living.


Therapist Marketing WorkbookFeaturing 19 pages of checklists, resources, ideas, guides and links, this pdf workbook covers every topic discussed during Marketing Success for Therapists.

I recommend printing it out and keeping it close at hand as you develop your new marketing strategy and begin attracting your dream client.

Click here to download the workbook


I encourage you have a printed Marketing Success For Therapists workbook by your side before clicking play on this Webinar recording.

Articles, Tools, Links and Resources

We covered a lot in our hour together. As promised, here are a collection of links and resources to compliment the techniques we discussed.

Therapist Marketing ResourcesYou may also notice that I used the phrase “therapist marketing” several times in these first few paragraphs and headers. That’s because it’s the keyword I’m targeting on this page.

As you see, I have integrated it into the page in a natural way, while repeating it several times. SEO boost, here we come.


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