4 SEO Techniques to Rank an Online Business 

Learn 4 ways to make sure your website shows up on page 1 of Google.

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Contrary to what most people think, running an online business isn’t so different from managing a brick-and-mortar store. All modern businesses, whether online or offline, require a good marketing plan to help them draw people in and make a sale. Even hotels are looking for hotel SEO services to help them market their place.

Without a marketing strategy, customers won’t even know about a company’s existence in the first place. This is because being seen as a business is the first step to building a relationship with a potential customer. In the online world, this translates to directing traffic to a website. Although there are many different methods to get more visitors to your site, one of the best proven ways to boost organic traffic is to get ranked on Google.

But, how do you do this, and what are the steps involved in ranking an online business? Read this blog to check out the best SEO practices in 2022.

A quick search on the internet will yield a ton of results: improve SEO, check backlinks, create a mobile-friendly version of your site – just to name a few. This article covers all the basics of what you need to know to get started. But first, why should you rank your online business to begin with? Click here and find out below.

Why It’s Important to Rank Your Online Business  

Many people think that owning a household name is enough to stay on top. But in this day and age, where social media takes center stage, competition is everywhere. Showing up on Google’s search results drastically increases the chance of being discovered by new potential customers.

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business, and in the online community, this translates to traffic. Getting more visitors to come to your website means having more opportunities to sell your product or service. But unlike what the popular quote says, they won’t just come because you’ve built it – you need a smart, strategic plan to direct traffic to your website and to improve SEO for products.

How to Rank Your Online Business on Google

1. Do Your Keyword Research

Having a better understanding of how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works gives any online business an edge over its competition. In a nutshell, keywords give search engines a good idea of what a website is all about. But unlike a decade ago, simply adding a few keywords here and there is no longer an efficient way to get ranked.

There are tons of similar online businesses out there who are all using the same keywords as you, and all of them are competing for a better position on the search results. Targeting less competitive keywords provides a better chance of getting discovered through search engines. And to do this, one would need to do thorough keyword research, either by using a tool or through the consultancy of an SEO expert. Good SEO specialists know the importance of an excellent paraphraser, designed by SEOToolsCentre.


2. Test Your Website’s Speed and Performance

The concept is quite simple: the longer that visitors stay on your website, the better the chances are that you’ll get a higher ranking. When site visitors spend a long time on your web pages, this tells search engines that it’s recommendable to other people as well. But it’s good to remember that high-quality content is not the only factor that makes a site enjoyable.

Having a cool and clean design can certainly help with appearances and branding. But a site that loads faster than its competition automatically becomes the more favorable option, because visitors will get to the info quickly, and won’t leave to check out other options.


3. Optimize Your Web Pages

Computers are getting smarter by the day, making it more difficult for website owners to deceive the system. Producing quality content is a must to rank an online business. The techniques that SEO offers are by far the best way to do this. Not only will this provide more valuable content to visitors, but it will also make it easier for bots to determine the overall performance of a website.


4. Understand and Utilize Backlinks

To put it simply, backlinks are when websites link to one another and are listed as a source for the content. When authority websites deem your content as informative and reliable enough to be credited as a resource, that tells search engines to pay attention to what you have to offer. This makes backlinks very valuable in improving a website’s SEO stats.

Now, building links is not simple. It is a long process. To better assess your chances of ranking for a particular set of keywords, you will have to fetch the Google SERPs and then create a content marketing strategy that suits your brand’s needs.

Most of the time, people end up outsourcing their outreach efforts when they have specific goals and a safe strategy backed up by data. Hiring a team of experts is a good idea if you want to buy contextual backlinks, but by doing so, you will be also paying for professional advice and recommendations on the best opportunities to help you with your outreach tactics.



Most online business owners suffer from the misconception that money is the only solution nowadays to get ranked. While it’s true that money is the fastest and easiest way of getting visitors to a website, the tips above provide not only affordable solutions but also practices that offer long-term results.

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