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Think about what inspires you on Facebook.

What is it that gets you to stop the mindless scrolling and actually “like” a post? Or, better yet, what does it take for you to actually click on a link?

Getting your dream client to a) follow you on Facebook, and b) interact with your content is the holy grail of Facebook marketing.

Promoting your business on Facebook is the digital equivalent of putting a billboard on the side of a busy highway, as well as buying this amazon fba business for sale.

Lots of people may see your post or ad, but they will be zooming by at 70mph. Most of the time, unless the driver is specifically looking for your service, you’re just planting a seed in their subconscious for the future.

To continue the highway metaphor, let me ask you a question. If you see the same billboard every day on your commute, how long does it take until you start to completely ignore it?

Probably not too long … which is why it’s so important to get more facebook likes AND continuously create fresh content to share and promote on your Facebook feed.

Then, of course, you’ve got to promote it. (more on that here)

Create Facebook Content for Your Dream Client

Before creating any Facebook content (or redesigning your website), it’s critical to identify and understand your dream client.

By understanding who they are and what makes them tick, you can focus your efforts on creating posts and interactive content that speaks directly to them.

Pretend you’re a therapist and your dream client is a 35-45-year-old single woman who struggles with work-life balance.

Odds are, that person is looking for quick bites of info. For a brief escape from her monotonous day and a glimmer of hope.

That means creating short blog posts about actionable relationship advice. Or sharing photos of beautiful vacation spots with inspirational text over them. The opportunities to connect are limitless – you just need to know who you’re talking to.

»» Here’s a great resource to help you find your Dream Therapy Client.



6 Things to Post on Your Facebook Business Page

While you can, of course, post anything you want on your Facebook business page, you’ll get better results if you go for one of the tried-and-true options. Below are a collection of successful Facebook post types, which should get you more likes, shares, and interest.

. . .

Inspirational Quotes over Beautiful Images

You all know the ones I’m talking about. Maybe it’s a Rumi quote. Or that one by the Dalai Lama. Whatever it is, you want to make sure that it resonates with your dream client.

If graphic design isn’t your strong suit, there are plenty of free (or inexpensive) sites where you can create a beautiful design without much effort. Canva is a good place to start.

Ghandi quote

Top 10 lists

Sure, the idea may sound cheesy. It may even make you cringe. But the fact is, people love lists. Especially lists with even numbers.

Research shows that a lists’s predictability allows us to develop what psychologists call “schemata” – the mental maps we build up from experience which give us an idea of what to expect. These mental shortcuts allow us to understand and take in information more easily.¹

Need more proof? Just google, “why do people love top 10 lists?”

. . .


Even if you don’t know what a meme is, you’ve seen them hundreds of times on social media. They are usually photos with big white text over them, sharing a humorous or satirical idea.

At Goodman Creatives, our dream clients are people who need a little extra help working through the web design process. To illustrate that, here’s a meme …

morpeus web design meme

Trending Current Events

Keep an eye on the news. When there’s a hot topic that directly relates to your business or dream client, write an article about it and post it on your blog.

Facebook knows what’s trending; and when your post is related to something that the Facebook robots have deemed “important,” your post is likely to reach more people.

. . .


If you type a small amount of text into your status update, Facebook will let you give it a colorful background and big bold text. Use this to your advantage.

It might be as simple as asking for people’s opinion on a trending current event. Or, maybe you just want to offer a universal truth, like “Mondays, am I right?”

You can also use this format to ask your dream clients what their pain points are. For instance, I recently asked therapists, “what’s the #1 problem facing your private practice?”
A question for therapists on Facebook


Think about all those Buzzfeed quizzes, like “Which Game of Thrones character are you.” People love that stuff!

Now, think about your business. What type of fun quiz can you create that will entertain your dream client – and make them want to share their results? For some businesses, this may be easier than for others.

If you’re a plumbing company, you might create a quiz that asks, “which Mario Brother are you?”

For therapists, this gets a bit more difficult (but not impossible). A few ideas that pop into my head are:

  • What’s your love language?
  • What’s your personality type?
  • Are you crazier than a Kardashian? (Ok, you should probably NEVER use that one)

Naturally, if you’re creating this quiz, the Facebook link should lead the reader to your blog – not to some third party website.

Need Help with Facebook Marketing?

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