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Get More Clients
with Ease & Flow

  • Attract your dream client
  • Without being salesy
  • By creating a beautiful website
  • And a realistic marketing plan
  • That helps you stand out online

What do you need help with?

Understanding how the online marketing puzzle fits together

Creating a beautiful, effective website that gets you more clients

Finding a compassionate guide to help you grow your business

It all starts with your website

Facebook, newsletters, blogs, Google Ads, SEO … those are just ways to get someone’s attention. Once you have it, the goal is to get them onto your website. To a place away from distractions where they can become immersed in your story.

Your dream client wants a solution to their problem. They want to support someone they know, like, and trust. A website is your place to shine. To create a personal connection and show people what makes you different. And, to give them plenty of ways to reach out and become a paying client.

web design portfolio

Hi. I’m Greg Goodman.

Since I’m the only person you’ll work with at Goodman Creatives, you should probably know a bit about me. In my career, I’ve been a:

  • Business school graduate
  • Disillusioned 9-5’er
  • Travel blogger
  • Photographic storyteller
  • National Geographic TV star
  • Web designer
  • Marketing coach
  • Dad & Husband
  • Me.

Build a foundation for
a successful business

Attract your dream client

Entrepreneurship is seeing a problem and coming up with a way to help someone solve it. By having clarity on your soulmate avatar, you can consciously create a cohesive personal brand and message across everything you do.

Even if someone never becomes a client, their life should be made better by your existence. That’s how you succeed in online marketing … by creating inspirational, authentic content that gets people to know, like, and trust you.

Choose realistic marketing channels

Ideally, marketing is omnichannel – reaching your target audience everywhere they go online. However, the realities of that goal are limited by your time and budget as a business owner. Focus on the channels that excite you. Avoid marketing FOMO. Get clarity on your numbers, create a budget, and hire help where it makes sense.

Marketing channels facebook instagram twitter youtube
Google Ads Management Illustration

Create an effective website

If social media drives brand awareness, a website drives conversions. When someone takes the time to visit your landing page, reward them with a clear customer journey. Offer ample CTAs. Wow them with a beautiful, intuitive design that inspires them to reach out.

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Automate the customer journey

Work smarter, not harder. On average, people need to see your content in their feeds 10 times before it passes their subconscious barrier. Facebook, Instagram, newsletters, ads, blogs, websites … a marketing funnel nurtures the customer journey wherever they go.

Reconnect with your why

Most businesses start as a dream — born from a desire to make a mark on the world and a need to earn some money along the way. Any time overwhelm sets in, take a moment to remember that original grand plan. Then, use it to guide your next steps.


8 Ways to Get More Leads

Partner with someone
who cares

Who is this for?

Over the decades, I have helped myriad business owners get more clients with ease and flow. Here’s who I work best with:

I’ve been doing this for 25 years

There are so many ways we can collaborate. Please browse through the below tabs to understand what’s possible

How it Works

First, let’s get to know each other over a free, non-salesy strategy call.

We’ll dive into your business, goals, hope, dreams, and whatever else comes up. You’ll leave the call with a clear idea of what to do next … whether we collaborate or not.

Please click the below tabs to learn more about all the ways I can help.

Web Design

Designing beautiful, effective websites is my passion – and I’ve been doing it since 1996. Together, we will identify your dream client, create a website that connects deeply with them, and figure out how to get people to visit.

Here is a list of my different web deisgn packages. Click one to learn more.

8-Week Coaching Experience

Get More Clients with Ease & Flow is an 8-Week Coaching Program for Motivated Business Owners who want to:

  • Create an effective website & funnel
  • Build a foundation for success and growth
  • Develop a realistic marketing plan
  • Stand out in a busy online crowd
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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Good SEO is the best gift you can give your business. Using the latest techniques, your Web site will show up higher in Google and other search engines.

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Google Ads (AdWords)

The fastest and easiest way to get your business on Page 1 of Google and get more paying customers is by using our Google Ads management services.

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Social Media Advertising

With more than 80% of Americans on social media, our expert team will craft strategies to reach your target audience exactly where they are.

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Organic Facebook Marketing

Regardless of your marketing budget, promoting your business on Facebook is the best way to reach your dream client. Just remember to let your internal code of ethics guide everything you do.


The copy on your website and social media should speak to your dream client, make a personal connection, and turn them into a paying customer.

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Graphic Design

Need custom graphics for social media? Want to spruce up your website? We can create high-quality images for all your digital needs.

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