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Grow your existing business while creating secondary income streams

  • Use a proven system
  • Break out of the grind
  • Focus on your passions
  • Grow as a human being
  • Connect with high-vibe people
  • Live your dream life
  • Make the world a better place

Follow your heart and success will follow you

That was my mantra for years as a world-traveling photographic storyteller. I shared my adventures online simply because it brought me (and other people) joy. Money was an afterthought – and opportunities found me at every step. Then, I moved back to the states …

My life changed 6 months ago …

Six months ago, I was stuck in a huge rut. My negative emotions had take over and I was grumpy all the time. My business had stalled and I lacked the drive to jumpstart the engine.

Then, I joined The Freedom Era – an online learning platform and community that propels my growth in every way.

It’s like I’m traveling again. Following my heart and trusting that success will follow. This community has shown me how to consciously reshape my reality … as opposed to letting stale patterns and outdated beliefs run the show.

My business is soaring! My interpersonal relationships are flourishing (just ask my wife and kids)! I feel motivated, happier, and more in control of my emotions.

From the bottom of my heart, I believe The Freedom Era can help propel ANYONE to business and life success. Sound good? You can sign up here.

Everything You Need to Know
About The Freedom Era

What’s inside
The Freedom Era?

Access epic training modules

Inside the online educational platform are hundreds of hours of content. Sign up and get instant access to all the tools, trainings, resources, and help you need to grow your online business. Highlights include:

  • Marketing and Sales Fundamentals
  • Organic Attraction Marketing
  • 6-Figure Mindset Training
  • Upleveling Your Life
  • Leadership

Join our inner circle masterclasses

The Freedom Era’s DIY trainings, coaching calls, masterclasses, and community provide business owners with everything you need to succeed. Personal branding, marketing, mindset, leadership, self-development… the list goes on.

Many members of our community use the online learning platform to grow their existing business. Others use it to launch a new online business that supports their dreams and passions.

Align yourself with a high ticket offer

While The Freedom Era teaches you how to grow any business, the trainings and community focus on a specific high-profit offer in the health and wellness industry. I’ve done extensive research and there’s nothing else out there that matches its earning potential. Plus, the products actually make the world a better place.

Sign Up Now!

Get instant access to all the
tools, trainings, resources, and help
you need to grow your online business
and get more sales … without being salesy.

Grow your business
and still have time
to do what you love

Leverage pre-built automations and funnels

Putting a business on autopilot means automating your sales, marketing, recruitment, and training. The Freedom Era takes care of all of that – giving members access to funnels and resources of all shapes and sizes. You focus on connecting with your soulmate avatar, the automations take care of the rest.

Join a global community

It takes a village to create the dream life we’re all looking for. Learn from a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who have been where you are – and know how to get where you want to be.

The Freedom Era connects you with inspiring visionaries and wildly successful mentors who love to share, lead, grow, and help raise your frequency.

“We believe that freedom and abundance is our birthright and that your dreams and visions matter!”

“The big problem we are finding though is when people go to create their dream life – they often feel alone, they invest tons of money trying to figure it all out … and most of the time people go around in circles trying to get real results.

At The Freedom Era, we are all about making online business FUN, easy to understand and getting you real results to build a high profit – high impact business!

So no matter if you are a Mom, Dad, Coach, Traditional Business Owner, Network Marketer, or aspiring entrepreneur — as long as you are dedicated to self-growth, living your best life, and leaving this world a better place – then you have definitely landed on the right spot.”

~ Clint and Kristie, founders of The Freedom Era

Think of this as an investment
that brings you financial freedom

30-day moneyback guarantee

Focus on yourself
for a change

Personal development

Consciously create the life you want to live

In The Freedom Era, we believe that 80% of business success is the internal work we do. That means releasing limiting beliefs, rewriting your relationship with money, visualizing the life you want, and inspiring others to do the same. Only by going deep can we create the life we want to live.

Let’s do it together

Have questions? Want to chat about something you’re learning? Not sure where to start? As a fellow member of “TFE,” I’ll be right there with you the whole time … with as much (or as little) handholding as you need.

Meet Greg Goodman

Got questions?

Reach out and let's chat about The Freedom Era ... or anything else on your mind

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