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One of the biggest questions we get is “how do I represent my quality therapy services through web design?” The short answer is, “by using a creative design for your website.”

You understand the healing power of therapy better than anyone. But, people in need don’t often share your familiarity with the nuances of psychotherapy. Rather, they are looking to make an instant connection and understand that you understand them.

We live in a connected world, and that all-important first impression almost always comes from your website.

So, what does your website say about your practice? The reality is, you’ve got to do so much more than simply presenting the “right information.”

In modern creative design, quality is a necessity. Distinguishing a brand or business is an art. You must discover what a design can distinguish about you.

What’s more, therapy is an abstract concept. Your design should be a portal for those most in need. It should welcome them, but can easily work against you.

Creative website design will help your therapy practice get found online

Connecting with Patients Through Creative Design

Like all other markets, the therapy market has evolved. Some therapists see practically all their referrals coming from the Internet. It’s now the best place to search in this highly sensitive field.

You can use this to your advantage. You have more than just a number in a phone book. You have a rich tool for engaging potential patients in a meaningful way.

You must build ideal models of these patients. Who are they, and why do they need your help? What must they see first to get their attention?

There are simple marketing practices that apply to all websites for therapists. Your content should clearly engage your target audience. You should put forward a value proposition to a niche group of customers.

Your site has a bit more complexity to it than others. What you’re selling isn’t tangible. You must understand your niche audience better than anyone.

Fortunately, you know your specialization. You are looking for patients with specific types of problems.

“Get to know” your patients–including the ones you haven’t met yet. What most attracts them to your practice? What do they most appreciate about you?

Are you ready to fill the needs of your ideal customers? Build your first connection through creative design.

Creative design for therapist websites

6 Tips for Building Your Successful Therapy Website

Your profession is one of compassion. The care you give to your website should reflect that. And the message you deliver to visitors should be unique, meaningful, and clear.

The following six tips will help you with your approach. You can turn your insights into a creative design your visitors will appreciate. You can connect directly with the people that need you most.


1. Choose Your Niche

Think back to the patients you’ve serviced in that past. Consider what attracted them to you at the start. What characteristics did each of them share?

Now, think of the patients you’d like to take on. What needs will they have before treatment begins? What search words will they use as they try to find you?

Somewhere between your past and your future is your niche. All elements of your site should cater to that single spot.

. . .

2. Build Your Ideal Patient Personas

You must avoid trying to market to too wide an audience. There are specific patient types that will benefit the most from your services. You should put your efforts into engaging with them first.

Take out a pen and paper. Write up descriptions of your ideal patients. Make them as realistic as you can.

Think of their qualities, needs, and what they’ll like about your service. These are the patients with whom you want to engage. You will design a website that engages patients with these qualities.

. . .

3. Create Your Unique Value Proposition

What is special about your practice? What do your patients like about you most? Your value proposition must distinguish you from similar services.

You’ve written down what motivates your patients. Determine why they will choose you over others. Imagine what you’d say that would make them choose you.

This is your value proposition. Start with something simple: “I help [patient type] to [result].” Qualify that statement with more meaningful language.

Avoid “fluff.” Ensure every word in your value proposition will have an impact on ideal patients. Your ideal patients must feel a spark when they read this statement.

. . .

4. Make the Right Sitemap

Your sitemap is as critical as your value proposition. That’s because unnecessary pages can drive visitors away. If your site doesn’t seem purposeful it will reflect on your practice.

Choose page types that matter most to your customers. You should dedicate a page to each of your services.

Offer clear pathways towards engagement as well. Your website should have a contact form on every single page. Visitors should access it when they find the right service.

Each visitor should feel you made your site exclusively for them. Partner with a website design professional for the best results.

. . .

5. Develop Engaging Content

Your ability to engage with patients is a foundation for your success. Your website content should be just as successful. Welcome site visitors as if they’ve stepped through your door.

Create an ‘About Me / Us’ page with a concise and kind description. Include a large, welcoming photograph of you and any staff. Your visitors should fall in love with you the moment they see you.

Write short and compelling copy for each of your services. Their value should be clear for site visitors. Visitors may care more about personality and past successes than credentials.

Ensure your content has a consistent tone. Don’t use authoritative language on one page and soothing language on another. Use images, photographs, and helpful graphics to humanize the space.

. . .

6. Choose Your Style Elements

There are countless ways to design an appealing website. It’s best to get an expert’s help for this important element.

Don’t forget a critical part of design – your logo. Every brand needs one, and you are your own brand. It should be successful, memorable, and stand the test of time.

Custom logo and website design for a Los Gatos, CA, therapist
Custom logo and website design for a Los Gatos, CA, therapist

Give Your Patients the Experience They Deserve

You know your practice better than anyone. You know what types of care your patients need. Those elements will determine the bulk of your creative design.

Don’t invest all that value and effort in vain. Partner with professionals who bring successful websites to fruition. Encapsulate your care in a way your patients will appreciate.

Goodman Creatives specializes in web design and marketing for therapists. Contact us now and see what a compassionate heart can do for your practice.


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