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Web Design for Entrepreneurs, Therapists, and Business Owners

Successful websites follow a proven formula

  • Connect with your dream client
  • Enchant them with beautiful design
  • Solve a problem without being salesy
  • Provide ample CTAs and ways to reach out
  • Guide their customer journey

An effective website is the key to getting more clients

All marketing roads should lead to your website. Once there, visitors can become immersed in your brand experience. When people choose a business to support, they want to know your story. A website is the best place to tell it. Compliment their journey with strong CTAs and a clear path to becoming a client.



They keep your attention and provide powerful calls to action


They break up walls of words with creative typography


They leave you wanting more – and ready to reach out

I’ve been designing websites for 25 years.

Here’s everything I know.

A website should delight and inspire your dream client.

A website should:

  • Share your authentic story
  • Be easy to navigate
  • Calm the eyes
  • Provide ample CTAs
  • Turn leads into clients

Successful websites solve a problem.

Build a relationship with your dream client. Show (don’t tell) them how your business makes their life better. Create a personal connection and guide their journey with relatable content.

A Website You’ll Love

The Complete Experience

Online success is best achieved from the ground up. First, we identify how you can best help your dream client. Then, we develop a realistic marketing plan. Finally, we create a beautiful website and share it with the world.

Plan Your New Website

Before you create a new website, ask yourself three questions.

If you can answer them, you’re ready to make a website. If not, that’s ok too. My free Website Planner workbook is a great place to start.

  1. Who is your dream client?
  2. How do you get them to your website?
  3. What happens once they get there?
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Guided Self-Discovery

All web design projects begin with our self-discovery workbooks.

Once you have completed each workbook, I review it and make notes in a Google document. These notes may simply be, “yes, this is great – use it in your text” – and they might be full conversations about how to use an idea/concept/etc in your copy or when creating your dream client.

If at any time you get stuck, we can hop on a call and walk through any/all roadblocks, questions, etc.

All of this is designed to help you hone in on your dream client and niche. That way, when you start writing your new copy (and when we design your site) – we’ll all know exactly who it is you’re talking to –  and what visuals will best connect with them.

** If you’re a therapist – this means you get a personal guide through our Keys to a Successful Therapist Website eCourse

Personal Branding

Share your authentic story

As a small business owner, you are what sets your business apart from the competition. People want to support people they like and are excited to be around – even if the connection is completely online.

Together, we will discover your WHY. Then, we create an authentic personal brand and a path towards sharing your passion with the world.

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Custom Web Design

A website you (and your dream client) will love

While technology may evolve, human psychology remains constant. When looking at a website, people are innately attracted to certain colors, images, and typography. The question becomes, which combo attracts your dream client?

By using a collection of time-tested design elements, your website will connect with visitors on a subconscious level. These elements include CTA styles, color choice, marketing integration, best practices, and more.

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Host a Design Contest

The ultimate in custom web design.

We take your wish list and let artists from around the world share their best work. We collaborate to create a design you love. Then, our WordPress experts turn it into an SEO-optimized website. Let us handle the technical and administrative stuff so you can focus on doing what you love

Are you a therapist?

We have decades of experience helping therapists with every step of the web design process.

Therapist Themes
a beautiful, affordable, effective website

Custom Therapist Web Design
comission a work of art for your practice


Download The Ultimate Website Planner.

Learn all the questions you need to ask before hiring a web designer. Yes, even me.


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Musings on the importance of a good website

Building websites since 1996

Clare Johnson


What I appreciate most about Greg is how he takes your vision and turns it into a reality so skillfully and efficiently.

Alex Dimitriu

Renown Psychiatrist

Goodman Creatives has been an amazing experience start to finish. Great ideation and interaction overall as well!

Sylvia Skefich

Business Owner

Greg is really a trusted ally of my business. He always come through for me with reliability and timeliness.

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