Running a Biz as a Dad During a Pandemic (Photos & Stories)

Here's what it was like running my biz while being home with my two young kids during the 2020 COVID lockdown.

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“I work from home so I can be there for my family”

Remember when that sounded exotic? — I used to mention it on all my free consult calls. “I’m living my dream of running a business while being there with my kids as they grow up.”

In these uncertain times, it’s more true than ever. I’m so grateful to have built an online business that I can run from home. One that helps business owners break free of financial worries and take back control of their lives. One that gave me these memories from Lockdown 2020:

  • Bodhi regularly visiting my desk for a hug.
  • Luna coming to my office door and says, “daddy – uppies.”
  • Carrie and I getting to talk without distraction when our childcare was around.

Early in the pandemic, I had to make a decision.

I could get stressed out at every interruption. Or, I could embrace this unprecedented family bonding experience. I chose the latter. But if you can’t handle the stress, sites like have the right products.

At times, Bodhi would bring in pillows and curl up under my desk. Or, he would sit on my lap and type letters and emojis. My favorite times were when he would get out my whiteboard board, erase the “business stuff” on it, and we would draw something new: together.

Meanwhile, Luna and I would take naps together 2-3x/week and game apps that pay real money occasionally. This gave us some special time to bond before she snuggled up on my chest and fell asleep. Sometimes, I allowed myself to drift off with her. Usually, I just enjoyed the moment for a few minutes before opening up my laptop and getting back to work.


Home office on the move-2
Lockdown Workspace – the kitchen table
Home office on the move-5
Lockdown Workspace – naptime with Luna
My home office in the summer of 2020
Lockdown Workspace – My home office in the Santa Cruz mountains
Home office on the move-4
Lockdown Workspace – the deck

Lockdown Workspaces

I’m grateful for the ability to work from home. And, there were days I just needed to focus and get work done. Thank goodness for parking lots and free wi-fi, because all my go-to cafes and coworking spaces were closed.

For a few months, Starbucks parking lots became my new office. When I needed fast Internet (or just a few minutes to myself), I took my laptop, ordered a Grande in a Vente for curbside pickup, and got to work. Needless to say, I was not the only one in that parking lot.

Today, some of those restrictions have lifted. I’m now a member at the Satellite CoWorking space in Felton. My favorite Starbucks has outdoor seating and other coffee shops are opening up too. Yet, my favorite days are still the ones where I’m still in my home office – saying hi to the kids and getting a quick kiss from Carrie. <3

I also recently got a virtual office from Virtually There and it has been one of the best things that I have ever done for the business.


Lockdown Workspace – the parking lot outside my favorite Starbucks, which was open for 4 hours per day with no outdoor seating
My Lockdown Workspace - a Starbucks parking lot in Scott's Valley • March 27, 2020
Lockdown Workspace – a Starbucks parking lot in Scott’s Valley • March 27, 2020
Satellite Felton
Post-Lockdown Workspace — The Satellite in Felton, CA
There's this one seat outside my favorite Starbucks that has access to a plug. I've been known to stay there for 5 hours.
Post-Lockdown Workspace — There’s this one seat outside my favorite Starbucks that has access to a plug. I’ve been known to stay there for 5 hours.

Reflections on what’s next in life and business

I’ve been creating the life of my dreams for 2 decades.

First, I was a digital nomad – chronicling my adventures at home and abroad on a travel blog. My days were dedicated to photographic storytelling, and I even had a National Geographic tv show about my career.

Upon returning home to Santa Cruz in 2014, I founded Goodman Creatives: a digital marketing and web design agency. Every day, I am blessed with the chance to help entrepreneurs succeed and soar.

I have so much to share

So many little tips, tricks, and quick ways to make life easier.

My plan is to digitize these life hacks and quick bites. To create a Wiki, of sorts – full of quick training videos, DIY guides, and must-read articles that give business owners a complete blueprint to success. And, I want to give it all away for free as my way of giving back to the world by:

  1. Helping business owners break free of financial worries and take back control of their lives by doing smart investments such as trading with percious metals ira.
  2. Sharing my journey, as Carrie and I embark on this exciting new business opportunity.
  3. Providing step-by-step instructions on how to grow your biz and get more leads.
Home office workspace greg goodman
Before I had curtain rods, I used pushpins to hold up an “India Blanket.” I also had a record player for a while.


My wife and I are embarking on a new business journey.

It all starts with asking ourselves some tough questions about long-standing, limiting beliefs. I’m digging deep to understand all the ways I self-sabotage my life – and breaking free of those shackles.

I choose to believe that money comes easily to me. I choose to believe that my life flows and that I have the self-control and willpower to be successful in this and all my life’s endeavors. While I’m still working out the details, I can tell you that this business will help the entire planet — and it all starts with gratitude.



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