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Put your leadgen on autopilot

  • Get on page 1 of Google
  • Run paid ads that get results
  • Increase website conversions
  • Spend less time writing content
  • Create an automated funnel
  • Find a reliable partner to do the work

People want solutions to their problems.

Work. Finances. Relationships. Health … the list goes on. To attract leads with ease and flow, we must first understand how your offering solves their pain point. What keeps your soulmate avatar up at night? Do research. Gain clarity. Only then can your marketing connect deeply and inspire them to reach out.

Get More Clients and Sales
without being “salesy”

Don’t run paid ads until
you have a solid foundation

Start with attraction marketing on social media

Talking to people is free. The knowledge you get from them is priceless. Once you identify your soulmate avatar, find them in Facebook groups and start a conversation.

Ask about their hopes, dreams, and pain points. Discover what parts of your own life’s story overlap – then use that as the inspiration for your content. Keep experimenting until you gain clarity on your message.

Create a website or landing page that converts

Once you understand your target audience, it’s time to plan a landing page. The goal is to get your leads off social media and onto a place that guides their customer journey. It can be as simple or complex as you need, as long as it answers these questions:

  • What problem are you solving for the visitor?
  • How do you weave in your story and personal brand?
  • How do your images, words, videos, and design create a personal connection?
  • How easy is it for someone to become a reach out or stay in touch?

Run Google Ads + Facebook Ads

Assuming your foundation is in place, paid ads are the best way to get a steady lead flow for your online business. Simply give Google some money and voila — your website is on page 1. Spend a few ZuckerBucks and show your ad directly to your dream client on Facebook and Instagram. But, that’s just the first step.

Once someone leaves your website, use retargeting ads to show them non-salesy content. Offer value. Share content. Tell a story. It’s like the billboard on the side of the highway. You stay on their mind — then, when they are ready to make a decision, all they can think of is you!

Run Google Ads and Facebook Ads


8 Ways to Get More Leads

Work smarter
not harder

Automate the customer journey

As you create content, see what resonates and find ways to automatically show it to new leads. Set up an automated marketing funnel that nurtures the customer journey. Create an email welcome series. Install a chatbot on your website or Facebook page. Set up ads, see what works, turn off the duds, and make improvements based on data, not hunches.

Use a proven marketing system

Let our experts build an automated marketing funnel, integrate it with your website, and provide all the tools you need to succeed. Marketing Juice is customized to the needs of each business and includes:

  • 360 Marketing Review
  • Automated Funnel
  • Effective Website
  • Project Management
  • Optimization

Do what you love – outsource the rest

There’s an expert for everything. Sometimes, it’s me. Other times, it’s someone in my professional network. Reach out and schedule a free consult. We can chat about your business, success, failures, goals, budget, travel, family, passions, life … whatever it takes to come up with an action plan while also enjoying a bit of human connection.

Grow your business without
being chained to your desk

Trust your instinct

You know your business best. If your gut tells you “no, I shouldn’t be on Facebook or Yelp,” then don’t do it!

But, at least be open to hearing what someone has to say. And, look inside and make sure your resistance isn’t coming from an old limiting belief.

As a business coach, I offer knowledge, advice, and suggestions based on my decades of experience. What business owners do with that information is up to them.

~ Greg Goodman

Trusted by local business owners everywhere


Cameron Yarbrough

CEO | Torch

Greg’s commitment and diligence made it easy for my cofounder and I to stay focused on fundraising and building product.

Julie Lingler


Greg is my social media GPS, my one point of contact for all my marketing and branding needs.

Sharon Potteiger

Sharon Potteiger

Santa Cruz Midwives

Having Greg on our team allowed us to have the freedom to do what we do best, provide excellent patient care.

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