Here’s the secret to running a successful business

YOU are what sets your business apart from the competition. Even if people never become clients, their lives are still made better by your existence.

It all starts with your dream client

Entrepreneurship is seeing a problem and coming up with a way to help people solve it. By having clarity on your soulmate avatar, you can create a cohesive brand across everything you do – marketing, website, social media, blogs …

Here’s everything I know about growing a business online

Choose realistic marketing channels

Many business owners get excited when they start doing marketing. Then, the realities of how much time it takes set in and they fall off. To avoid this pitfall, take an honest look at what you’re prepared to do.

On average, people need to see your content in their feeds 10 times before it passes their subconscious barrier. Facebook, Instagram, newsletters, blogging … are you ready to produce that much content yourself? What CAN you commit to?

Plan your website

Once you’ve established your dream client and a realistic marketing plan, it’s time to PLAN a website. Note, I did not say it’s time to design a website. Ask yourself:

  • What problem are you solving for the visitor?
  • How do you weave in your story and brand?
  • What does the customer journey look like?
  • How do your images, words, and design create a personal connection?
  • How easy is it for someone to become a reach out, learn more, or stay in touch?

“How do I grow my business and still have the time and money to enjoy my life?”

Run Google Ads + Facebook Ads once your website is live

Done right, Google Ads are the best way to get your business in front of your dream client. It’s also a numbers game. If 5% of the people who click on an ad reach out, it’s considered a success. For the other 95%, you need to build a relationship.

Once someone leaves your website, start showing them non-salesy content on the Facebook/Instagram ad network. Tell the story behind your brand. When they interact with you, show them more. It’s like the billboard on the side of the highway. You stay on their mind — then, when they are ready to make a decision, all they can think of is you!

Automate, when possible

Work smarter, not harder. Set up a marketing funnel, put leads into it, and let your automations do the rest. It doesn’t happen overnight. And, once it’s on autopilot, you can focus on getting paid just for being you.

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Trust your instinct

You know your business best. If your gut tells you “no, I shouldn’t be on Facebook or Yelp,” then don’t do it!

But, at least be open to hearing what someone has to say. And, look inside and make sure your resistance isn’t coming from an old limiting belief.

As a business coach, I offer knowledge, advice, and suggestions based on my decades of experience. What business owners do with that information is up to them.

~ Greg Goodman

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Sharon Potteiger

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