How to Write a Great “About” Page for Your Business

Your about page is the second most visited page on your website. Learn how to create something that makes your dream client want to reach out.

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Your “about us” page is one of the most important pages for your business website. Unfortunately, it’s one that business owners often overlook.

You might think that it’s not important or you might just be intimidated and unsure about how to write an about us page. However, if you fail to give this page your full attention and care then you’re missing out on a great opportunity to fully utilize your website.

What is An About Us Page?

Of course, you know that this page is supposed to tell people about you and your business. However, it’s so much more than this.

Your about page is the heart of your company’s narrative.

It’s the page where you convey your personal beliefs, the mission of the business, and the unique features that make your company stand out from others. When people read this page, they shouldn’t just learn facts about your education or expertise. They should also learn something about genuinely who you are.

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Start with a Short-and-Sweet Message

The best about us pages start with a clear message that succinctly tells people who you are. This should be a 2-5 sentence paragraph that includes:

  • What you do and how it benefits the customer
  • Why you are passionate about doing this
  • What your ultimate goal is
  • A snippet about your experience

Want to see what that looks like in action?

Here are a few examples:

A Therapist’s About Page

“I am a licensed professional therapist who specializes in helping Highly Sensitive People navigate the intensity of the world around them. As a parent to an HSP child, I am passionate about helping others of this type improve their quality of life.

My ultimate goal is to fully hear what your challenges are and help you overcome them so that you can thrive.”

This lets people clearly see that you’re licensed, have a specialty derived from personal experience, and want to help individuals identify and meet their own goals.

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A Plumber’s About Page

“Goodman Plumbing has been a family-run business for three generations and 75 years. With a certification in high-tech plumbing, I bring this family business into the modern age, combining tried-and-true techniques with new approaches. If you have a smart home that needs plumbing help, then I have the solutions you’re seeking.”

See that? The owner managed to instill confidence by telling you how long he’s been in business, created a personal connection by talking about his family, and let you know why he’s the best plumber to help you.

A Web Design and Marketing Company’s About Page

At Goodman Creatives, we are a creative collective of artists, programmers, experts, and dreamers. Let us take care of everything … so you can focus on whatever you love doing.

As head creative, I love sharing my decades of expertise helping small businesses grow. Think of me as a friendly professor whose door is always open. My goal is to become your online business partner – because when you succeed, we all do.”

Yes, in case you were wondering, that is my about page.

Want to see more?

»» Visit the Goodman Creatives about page

About us page for a web design company

Continue Telling Your Story … With More Detail

Hopefully, your short-and-sweet message has captured your potential customer’s interest. Now it’s time to share more of the story.

Almost all strong about us pages tell a compelling first-person story that provides insight into the business. You don’t want to just state the facts; you want to use emotion to drive people to really connect with the heart of your company.

Here are some things you might want to include on your about us page:

  • What you did before this business and why you were compelled to make a change. For example, if you run a sewing business, but you used to be a lawyer, then people might be intrigued to know what was so interesting to you about sewing that you gave up the corporate law job.
  • The story of how the company started and how it got to be where it is now. For example, if you began at your table working weekends and now have a fully-staffed shop, then people will be interested about how you got to where you are.
  • The challenges that you have faced along the way, how you overcame them, and why the business is better as a result of those challenges. Show people that you can handle adversity in a way that is better for everyone involved.
  • A personal story that highlights a key value of your business. Identify your company’s core values. What’s the most important trait that you offer to your clients? What is a story from your own past – or even a favorite metaphor from literature or a popular movie reference – that truly expresses the importance of that trait?

Additional Tips for How to Write an About Us Page

The about us page should read like a story, with a beginning, middle and end. It should be written in a personal, conversational tone while still maintaining professionalism.

The words you use should reflect the company’s core beliefs and the main message you want people to take away from your business.

This story should align with your potential customer’s values, and you should make it clear through the story that you offer something that they need. Show how you can provide it in a way that is more suitable than what competitors can offer … because you are uniquely you. For example, an about us page for a Los Angeles Web Design Agency, should send a clear message on how the design agency based out of Los Angeles is serving exactly what a potential customer is looking for.

. . .

8 Ways to Create an Awesome About Page

  • Make it load fast — Like every other page on your site, the about us page should load quickly. It should be easy to scroll and navigate on this page. If you have links to further details of the story, those links should be obvious, and the pages they land on should be highly relevant.
  • Choose great photos — Visuals are very important; so choose them wisely. You want to make sure that the pictures you select reflect the heart of the story that you’re sharing. For example, a therapist who wants people to feel uplifted and empowered shouldn’t choose images of people crying in pain.
  • Use white space to break up the text — Even if you have a long story to share, it shouldn’t feel like you’re looking at a textbook when you land on this page.
  • Speak to them — Clearly state your potential customer’s primary challenge and explain how your company solves that challenge through your experience and values.
  • Avoid sales language — You do want to be clear about what you offer and why. However, this isn’t the page to slather on the marketing language. It’s the page to really express sincere authenticity about your work.
  • Share facts and awards — This is a great way to boast without going over the top. Customer-focused awards (something you’ve won from a customer’s peers, such as “voted best” awards) are particularly welcome on an about us page.
  • Use social proof — Including a few quotes or testimonials from satisfied customers can be another great way to praise yourself without seeming arrogant.
  • Make it easy to reach out — Make sure to include your contact information (or a contact form) right on the about us page.

Want to see some examples?

Here are 7 inspirational about us pages


Get Help With Your “About Us” Page

Hopefully, you’ve got enough out of this article to start writing your amazing new “about us” page. If you get stuck along the way, please reach out and feel free to ask me any questions. I’m always here to help!

Got Questions?

Ask me anything about this article … or, reach out to see how I can help you get a steady, predictable stream of therapy clients you love with less effort and stress.

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