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Online platforms continue to revolutionize how individuals carry out marketing and advertising activities.

Traditional methods of marketing, such as newspaper ads, no longer do the job. Therefore, it is prudent for business entities to employ a variety of marketing tools and strategies to take their brands to the next level. The following marketing technologies can be used independently or together and make a significant impact on your business.


Marketing analytics can be used to evaluate data that indicate marketing initiatives’ success. The evaluation is accomplished by measuring the success of marketing activities in a specified period. By utilizing crucial business metrics, such as marketing attribution, ROI and overall marketing impact, analytics can indicate how marketing programs deployed by a business are performing.

By gathering information from several channels, like social media and web analytics data, analytics can consolidate the information to give the bigger marketing picture. This provides the marketer with an edge in making more informed decisions based on marketing data across several channels.



As the world population continues to be more dependent on their mobile devices, marketers must tap into this new and compelling opportunity. Thus, marketers need to tailor their efforts to be mobile-friendly as mobile adoption and conversion numbers continue to increase.

As most people spend an average of ten hours a day on mobile devices (mostly tablets and smartphones) it is a great time to engage them to discuss and showcase your products.

Many consumers have shifted to digital platforms to make convenient and private purchases. Marketers can also take advantage of SMS services with rates that are lower than those of email. Over 90 percent of people read texts within three minutes.


Search Engine Marketing

This kind of marketing technology is all about making your brand or products more visible and discoverable on the internet. Most consumers tend to perform an online search for products they would like to purchase.

Even when buying something offline, most consumers have performed a prior online search for the products. The technology includes Google Ads and search engine optimization to increase the number of potential customers viewing your content.

Google search ads can be used to optimize and test keywords.

When combined with services like Google AdWords, you can be able to know the number of people that clicked on your content through Google Analytics.

As internet connectivity continues to shrink the world into a global village, it’s important to adapt your marketing strategy. Through doing this, you can better identify and attract potential customers to buy your products.

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