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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of getting your dream customer to visit your website without paying for advertising.

Sounds simple enough, right? Just figure out the magic formula, do it once, sit back, and profit! Sadly, this isn’t how it works. The reality is, the world of SEO is an always-changing landscape. Google is constantly updating its algorithms and getting smarter.

As a user of Google, this is great news. It means that you’re getting more and more likely to find the perfect answer to your search on the first page of Google. As a business, it means that you’ve got to be on top of your SEO at all times … lest your competitor start ranking above you.

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SEO is the best gift you can give your business

How long does SEO take?

We get this question a lot – and there are a lot of misconceptions about how long SEO takes. You’ve probably gotten emails from people offering to “get you on page 1 of Google overnight.” Hopefully, you clicked delete immediately.

“Quick SEO” is a myth … and something that’s liable to cause you more harm than good in the long-run.

It’s important to realize that a solid SEO strategy isn’t one that leads to overnight success.

With SEO, you want to play the long game, because those are the results that will drive people to your site over time. Although there’s no clear-cut answer, a good SEO strategy should produce results in approximately 6-8 months.

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How do I choose the best SEO keywords?

One of the most important aspects of SEO is choosing the best keywords for each page on your website. If you’re looking to DIY it, then the best place to start is Google’s keyword planner. First of all, it’s a great easy-to-use tool. Moreover, it is Google’s own tool, so it will produce results that work well for their search engine.

If you’re looking to have someone else take care of all your SEO keyword research, we’re here to help.

Our SEO Keyword Research service provides you with the best keywords to use for every page of your website. Each project is unique, and we will tailor our process to your location, niche, dream client, and what YOU want to write about.

In addition to researching your existing pages and any ones you want to write in the future, we can provide topic and keyword suggestions for new blog posts and web pages – each designed to help attract your dream client and boost your SEO.

Reach out today to learn more.

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Search Engine Optimization FAQs

How do you develop SEO-friendly content?

Web page optimization begins with an SEO audit. Like any other checkup, it tells you where you’re effective and what needs improvement. Goodman Creatives will perform that audit and help you with the details that make search engines stand up and take notice, including:

  • Pages no more than 1500 words long; your keywords appearing in first 100 words, the last 150 words and at least once more in the middle (but not too often!).
  • Creating “anchor tags” — links that allow users to jump from one part of a page to another.
  • If you have headings, we can improve your use of heading tags (H1 to H6 tags).
  • We can create a sitemap, scan for duplicate content, and many more little things that make a big difference.

In the ever-changing SEO world, call on the experts, Goodman Creatives, to optimize — not just your web pages, but your whole web brand!

What is a Search Engine Results Page (SERP)?

A search engine results page (SERP) includes paid advertisements and unpaid search results, commonly called editorial, free, natural or organic results. Search engines use algorithms (specific sets of rules) to analyze web pages and decide how well each page relates to keyword searches.

Goodman Creatives blends SEO-friendly elements into your webpage to match search engine algorithms, raising your SERP ranking and putting your webpage at or near the top of the organic results lists.

What is the 80/20 rule in SEO?

There’s an old adage in business called the 80/20 rule: You’ll get 80 percent of your profits from 20 percent of your customer base (or some similar phrasing). Your “dream client” makes up that 20 percent. So, how do you figure out who they are? The first step is to start asking yourself questions, such as:

  • What do you do best? (What do you love doing at work?)
  • Who most uses/needs that product/service? (Large company or small, local or national, retail or B2B?)
  • What parts of those businesses make your relationship work best? (Do they prefer operating face-to-face or remotely; are they are a startup or an old, established powerhouse; and so on).

How do target keywords work?

A target keyword is a word or short phrase that best sums up your page. There might be several closely-related phrases, such as “discount men’s trousers” and “discount men’s pants”. Google and other search engines record actual searches and the keywords people use to find what they want.’

Goodman Creatives has the tools to determine all the keywords your dream clients (and potential clients) are searching – and how frequently those keywords are used. That data helps us design your web-presence to maximize your appeal to those clients.

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