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Everyone’s on Social Media

More than 80 percent of Americans use social media, including many of your dream clients. At Goodman Creatives, our social media marketing solutions craft strategies to reach them where they are.

Your dream client is probably on social media right now

Social Media Marketing

Whether you need to set up your social media account, to run a standalone project (like a conference or community event) or you want monthly management of your blogs and other social media, Goodman Creatives builds your success from the ground up.

We work with Facebook, as well as Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn to present you as an authority in your field — the “go to” person for your products or services.

Strategy and Content Creation

Many firms try to reach everybody on Earth and end up failing to deliver on their promises. At Goodman Creatives, we’re more than just web designers. We’re a collective of artists, marketing experts, and practical, down-to-earth people who understand your target audience.

Today’s consumer is smarter and savvier than ever before, especially on social media. We can help you gently invite them into your circle of friends. Show them that you understand their problem and that you can fix it. When you’ve done that, they’ll open their wallets and say, “Oh, yes … please, help yourself!”

First, we start by identifying who you most want to do business with. Once we identified your dream clients, we create a brand that speaks directly to them. Then, we build a beautiful website, promote it across the social media universe, and turn your dream client into your loyal customer.


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How it Works

The days of “in-your-face” advertising campaigns are a thing of the past. Today, it’s low-key methods that move your social media “friends” down the sales funnel. But how do you get your dream customer into that sales funnel in the first place? Here’s how we can help:

  • Setting up social media accounts
  • Getting more people to “like” and follow your social media accounts
  • Advertising your business, product, event, workshop, etc
  • Designing banners and other graphics
  • Writing the blog posts and lead magnets you’ll use to grow your audience
  • Promoting your social media posts directly to your dream customer

Successful social media marketing can mean the difference between survival and success. Ready to learn more and start collaborating? Then reach out below and learn how we can use social media to grow your business.

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