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Most entrepreneurs share a common set of dreams

  • Work from anywhere
  • Earn passive income
  • Set your own schedule
  • Be your own boss
  • Get more family time
  • Live your dream life

The world is online … and it’s not going back

The isolation of Covid unified our world via social media. More than ever, people want to support people and brands they know, like, and trust, when shifting to an online business model. Now is the time to reevaluate everything. Life. Business. Relationships. How can you consciously create what comes next

Follow Your Heart and
Success Will Follow You

The 2 Types of
Online Businesses

Promoting services or products you create

Coaches. Healers. Freelancers. Therapists. Teachers. Course creators. Digital nomads. The global acceptance of providing services via video has expanded exponentially in the last year.

Artists. Authors. Inventors. Creators. Now is the time to share your passions and gifts with the world. Whatever your business or passion, you get to consciously choose where your office will be located.

Promoting an affiliate or network marketing offer

Put aside any preconceived notions and imagine the possibilities. Affiliate and network marketing is for anyone who doesn’t have their own product or service to promote.

Think of it like having a franchise – you use someone else’s proven system and make it your own. There are countless ethical, profitable offers out there – you just have to do your research and choose wisely.


Build a business that
gives you time to
do what you love

How to Start a
New Online Business

Close your eyes and visualize a life of freedom

Imagine a world where you’re not stressed about having enough money or time. What themes connect the threads of your vision? Bring in the 5 senses. Where are you? Who are you with? How does it smell, taste, and feel? Once you get clarity on this dream life, it becomes your why – the reason you keep going every day.

Understand your business’ potential

When evaluating an opportunity, assess the lifetime value of a new client or sale. How many of those do you need a month to create your dream life? Your new online business should have the potential to create time and financial freedom … even if it starts out as a “side gig.” Otherwise, you might want to consider other options.

Be consistent … and realistic

Living the dream doesn’t happen overnight – regardless of what “proven” system or offer you choose. Here’s the reality. Promoting an online business is like pushing a snowball up the Swiss Alps. It takes a lot of effort to get to the top … and, when you finally roll that icy sphere to the other side, watch out world!

Relationships are at the heart
of an online business

Personal Branding stand out in a crowd

Create an authentic personal brand

Building a successful online business starts with creating an authentic, ethical personal brand. One that stands out in a busy online crowd. By honestly and openly sharing your life online, you become a beacon of light in a doldrum social media world. Done right, a personal brand fuels your passions and dream life while making the world a better place.


Find your online tribe

Learn from like-minded entrepreneurs. Find motivation, accountability, and inspiration. Propel your professional and personal growth to new heights. That’s the power of joining an online community. That’s what I have found – and I would love to share with you.


Get help from an online business expert

Take time to quantify your needs before jumping into any big changes. Successful online business relationships are built on listening, questioning, and trust.

If you’re wondering where to start, reach out today and schedule a free Q&A call. I love helping people understand the possibilities and start creating their dream life and business.

Hope to hear from you soon!
~ Greg Goodman

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In his career, Greg has helped everyone from associates to established solo partners, group practices, and beyond. He even had a 6-year stint as the head of a large mental health clinic in San Francisco where he kept 43 caseloads full.

In addition to his work helping therapists, Greg is a passionate photographic storyteller, traveler, husband, father, and human being dedicated to personal growth and making the world a better place.

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