Therapist Website Design Portfolio

Andrea Chilton, MA, MFT

About the therapist website design process

The transition a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly is the perfect metaphor for individual metamorphosis … for self-discovery and uncovering the uniqueness in their perspective (wings).

To visualize this transformation, we integrated a butterfly motiff through the site – both in photography and iconography.

Logo — To coincide, we created a clean, minimalist logo for Andrea’s practice that is not only an abstract winged butterfly but it can also represent a person, individualized and free in their healing, as well as a reaching up toward new horizons in the shapes themselves.

A Journey of the Mind — Throughout the site, butterflies offer thoughts framed as the reader’s own voice … narrating their experience as they move through the site and making them feel understood.

Warm and Watery — Additionally we used warm neutral tones in photography, (in contrast to the brightly colored butterflies) with people in nature to keep in theme of contemplation and authenticity. Secondary to that, you’ll notice watery backgrounds, subconsciously furthering the idea of diving deep into trauma and resolving it with professional facilitation.

Before & After

Use the slider to explore the old and new versions of Natalie’s Mindwell website.

Andrea Chilton, MA, MFT - therapist website design sample

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