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There’s a magical place in San Francisco where creativity runs free and artists can grow in ways they never imagined.


My love affair with Dickerman Prints began in 2010.

I had just finished up a year-long backpacking adventure. My hard drive was full of photos from around the world, and my head was filled with dreams of working as a professional photographer. That’s when I met Seth Dickerman – on a job interview to become the lab’s marketing director. To say that the opportunity changed my life is an understatement. Every day, I watched Seth, Garnell, Gabriel, and Laura edit, enhance, remaster, and reimagine countless photos. Landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, old family photos, black and whites, vibrant colors, muted palates, film, digital … they worked their magic on everything! Every time I looked over their shoulders, I learned something new. If I ever had any questions about their technique, all I had to do was ask. The best part about this generosity of information is that they readily offered it to anyone who walked in the door. Ten years later, I still work there (very part-time) – and I just finished creating Seth’s new website. It really is my ode to the most wonderful place on earth!

Here are a collection of my favorite posters, flyers, and all sorts of other things I’ve designed over the years.


Juried Exhibition Promotion

To promote our group photo exhibitions, I use a mix of posters and flyers around town, social media, paid advertising, email marketing, and good-ole-fashioned PR. Facebook Event Page Header     Opening night of Wanderlust was a rousing success   Facebook Event Page Header    

Postcard Creation

Over the years, I have created dozens of postcards for events, sales, residency programs, and more. Here are a few of my favorite designs.        

Business Card Design

We’ve gone through a lot of business cards in the past ten years.  

Inside the lab

Here’s an inside look at the photo lab.    

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