Web Design Case Study — Encompassing Therapy & Counselling

Dr. Magdelan Cheng got 27 new clients in 3 months after launching her website ... with zero ads or marketing budget.

Sometimes, all you need is a new website to make everything click into place.

Yellow accent lines as a metaphor for therapist marketing agency and therapist website design
Yellow accent lines as a metaphor for therapist marketing agency and therapist website design

Dr. Magdelan Cheng (Mag) is Singapore’s only existential therapist and a pioneer in the Existential Therapy movement in Asia. When we met, Mag had a website that got a few hundred visitors per month. Her goal was to improve the website copy so more of those visitors would reach out.

After several months of co-creating an amazing foundation with a hybrid of my online course and 1-1 coaching, Mag decided to upgrade her website as well. Because we had built a foundation first, all the elements clicked into place perfectly. While her new website didn’t get her any extra visitors, it did make a deep personal connection with the people who were already visiting. The result was an explosive caseload growth and a steady stream of new clients.

This was Magdelan's experience working with me

The in-depth work we have done together around my dream client and core messaging is really paying off.

Greg encouraged me to be real with who I am and how I connect with my dream clients. He took the time to understand my vision and his questions were very thoughtful. 

His coaching enabled me to get clarity on who I want to work with. The feedback I get from clients is that they see their experiences being represented and that there is a real caring human being behind the website. 

There were times when I got stuck. It’s great that what I do with my clients is what Greg was doing with me. “Stay with the stickiness. There must be something that’s happening here,” he would say. 


I have more dream clients making appointments – clients I really enjoy working with. I see my practice coming full. My new problem is what to do when I have a full load and I look forward to having Greg help me with that too.

Dr. Magdelan Cheng
Founder of Encompassing Therapy & Counselling

Reflections on designing an existential website.

How can a website design evoke an abstract concept like existentialism? That was our challenge when designing a new home for Encompassing Therapy and Counselling.

It seemed too obvious to simply rely on a black and white. Instead, we sought to subtly demonstrate the balance that exists within Existential Therapy by alternating between a dark blue, gray, and white color scheme.

The color gradient suggests the full spectrum of the human experience … the shadow, the light, and everything in between.

To complement the color choices, we chose to intersect straight edges with semi-transparent wavy lines. The result is a design that both exists within a container while simultaneously breaking free of convention.

Finally, for the header “hero” image, we chose a series of abstract images that reflected the content on the page.

Custom therapist website design

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