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Center For Improving Relationships

Greg is responsive, understanding, and he takes feedback well.

I was having trouble filling spaces for new therapists and needed to update my marketing. My practice is definitely growing with the website we created together.

Even more helpful for me was the process of going through the website content creation process. Greg’s questions really helped me focus on what my practice wants to focus on as a whole – as well as how to figure out if therapists are a good fit for my practice.

Working with Greg has been easy. I found our regular meetings really seamless and positive. Greg told me up front that he needed to know how to work best with me. That made it really easy for me to say, “Greg, this is working, this isn’t working. I like this. I don’t like this. I can’t do this.” 

I felt like he was there to support me instead of me needing me to bend his way of working in order to get this project done.

I felt the most relief that I wasn’t all alone in having to figure all this out. I have help from a professional I can trust – and that wasincredibly useful, supportive, and encouraging.

I also really like Greg’s sense of humor and how he is very connected to the same target in terms of making the world a better place. And it’s just a pleasure to work with somebody else who is fundamentally geared and oriented that way.


Jessica Gregg, LPCS
Founder of the Center For Improving Relationships

Yellow accent lines as a metaphor for therapist marketing agency and therapist website design
Yellow accent lines as a metaphor for therapist marketing agency and therapist website design
Gold stars exemplifying therapist marketing agency
Gold stars exemplifying therapist marketing agency

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