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Taproot: SoulPurpose


Our challenge: inspire people to lots of text without feeling overwhelmed

While coining the phrase Soulpurpose and helping people to unearth just that, we were challenged to organize and showcase quite an ambitious concept and fully stocked resource site.

Under the main theme of self-development and growth, we adorned mostly every surface with either imagery or graphics of trees, roots, and leaves. Sometimes visually growing out of the background.

The concept is that we all have this taproot and can discover what that is and influence the quality of everything else in our lives, an intrinsic journey inspired by guidance and understanding. The earthy color tones also reflect a more natural feeling as you scroll throughout.

We created mini partitioned worlds the user could immerse themselves in, crucial in order to digest everything and learn about the process and coaching Taproot would provide.

A key reoccurring element is the encouraging voice at the end of every page: a personal quote by Taproot’s facilitator so that you connect not only to the information but her as your guide. The flow in the layout, in general, is more organic than usual, a reflection of the theme. Anywhere you land you’ll get an understanding of what engaging in the process would be like, personal and transformative.

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