Therapist Website Design Portfolio

Toni Sterbenz, LMFT

About the therapist web design process

Our goal was to create a therapist website that speaks to mid-life couples.

In her initial brief, Toni talked about tilling our relationships to thrive, which really stuck throughout the creative process.

In order to make the site in full feel like it’s very dynamic and alive, we used hand-drawn line art throughout. Evolving and moving, like human connection.

Toni’s logo is designed as a simple signature, implying romance and endorsement.

We carefully chose photography of people that were candid, warm, hopeful, gestural and compassionate. Then with using clean white space in other areas, it denotes an openness, giving breathing room around one of the most important aspects in our lives, our relationships.

Brand Photography

One of the best parts of working with a local business is the opportunity to meet, in person. With Toni, that meeting came by-way-of a personal branding photo session. Here are a few favorites.

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