How Therapists Can Optimize a Google Ads Landing Page

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Google Ads Landing Pages For Therapists

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If you want to fill your therapy practice, it’s not enough to just run Google Ads and hope for the best.

Since you pay for every click to your website, your Google Ads landing page must be optimized to speak to your dream client and inspire them to reach out.

In my career as a therapist marketing coach, I have spoken with countless mental health practitioners who definitively state, “Google Ads don’t work.” However, when we dig in, we almost always discover that they either didn’t hire an expert at running  Google Ads for therapists … or, they didn’t optimize their Google Ads landing page for conversions.

Creating a high-quality and optimized Google Ads landing page is a smart investment in your online presence. Not only will it help you reach potential clients, but it’ll help you beat your competitors, strengthen your personal brand, and empower your marketing strategy. The only thing you need to do is create a strong landing page that checks all the right boxes with Google and your clients. Easier said than done, right?

If you’re not sure what makes a great Google Ads landing page, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. This article will help you understand the core components of creating landing pages that Google and your clients will love. As an added bonus, here is an interview I did with Daniel Wendler at Marketing for Therapists.


Know Your Dream Client

Start by defining who your dream client is. You can’t create a Google Ads landing page without aiming at a specific group of people you know everything about. Taking the time to really understand this foundational piece is the key to success when it comes to Google Ads for therapists. Define them by as many characteristics and determiners as possible:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Location
  • Social Status
  • Education
  • Background
  • Interests

Be certain you’ve selected a specific target audience. Then, start thinking of ways to reach them.

Know Their Pain Points

Next, you want to make sure you understand the problems of your potential clients. Knowing their pain points means knowing:

  • what they worry about
  • what are their main problems and worries
  • what emotions and feelings are they dealing with

You need to have a clear idea of what they’re going through so that your landing page can focus on those exact problems. You’ll also need to know what words they’re using to describe these pain points. Those are the keywords you’ll be using on your landing page to make sure the search matches the content. Here’s a guide to help you write copy that connects with your dream client.

Offer a Solution

As a therapist, you need to offer your potential clients a solution to their problems. And, since you’ve defined their main pain points, go ahead and make your landing page about:

  • describing potential solutions
  • telling them what life would be like without this issue

If you nail this section of the landing page, you’ll have their full attention. They want to hear about life without this issue so show them you’ve got a solution.


How to optimize your Google Ads landing page for therapists


Show Your Credibility

Your clients won’t trust just anyone with their mental health, deepest secrets, and fears. They’ll want your landing page to tell them why you’re qualified. So, briefly cover your:

  • credentials
  • achievements
  • experience
  • success stories

You can also use client references and testimonials to show you’re a trustworthy and credible therapist. Add a section with former clients’ comments, stories, and references to show just how happy they are with your services. This type of evidence will be far more convincing than anything you may have to say for yourself.

Be Client-Centric

Your landing page needs to be built for and around your potential clients. So, don’t make it too much about yourself. Instead, make every section revolve around their needs and viewpoints. Tell them about:

  • what you can do to help them
  • how you can improve their life quality
  • what they can achieve with you

Making sure your landing page is written from the client’s perspective is quite a challenging writing assignment. In case you need help, outsource a writing service by googling “type my essay”. These paper writing services will give you the professional help you need.

Optimize Your Google Ads Landing Page for Mobile

Make sure your Google Ads landing page is properly displayed on any type of screen, especially on mobile devices.

Why? Mobile-friendly landing pages will ensure every potential client that opens it gets the full experience and all the visuals, written elements, buttons, and CTAs are the way they should be. You can’t afford to have your landing page optimized only for desktop devices, since you’ll be wasting a ton of client opportunities.

Therapist landing pages for Google Ads looks good on all devices

Make it Super-Fast

Today’s online users are extremely impatient when it comes to searching the web. They want the information, and they want it now. If your landing page is too heavy from all the visuals, background elements, and content, it may take too long for it to load. And, if it’s loading slowly, you may lose a significant percentage of impatient clients. So, watch the loading speed and lighten your landing page to make it load super-fast.

Add CTAs

Invite your potential clients to take action. Tell them what to do by adding CTAs (calls to action) that are clear, catchy, and visually dominant. Try out CTAs such as:

  • Book your free consult today!
  • Start your healing process now!
  • Schedule your first session.

Turn your CTAs into clickable buttons to help clients make the right moves immediately.

You can also invite them to subscribe to your newsletter, call you, send you an email, or ask you a question. Any type of interaction or communication with them is a great achievement, so get creative and write original and powerful CTAs.

Create a Story

You know what elements your landing page needs to have. Now it’s time to arrange those elements into a story. Think of the elements that best fit the introduction, main part, and conclusion. Guide your landing page visitors through this story, building the excitement, and slowly reaching the conclusion they should book a consult with you ASAP.

Final Thoughts

As a therapist, you need to fight for your spot on the market. You have a ton of competitors to beat, so make sure your Google Ads landing page is top-notch. Hopefully, the simple but effective tips we’ve shared above will help you create a killer landing page that will attract more clients and skyrocket your business. Use them to make your Google Ads landing page stand out from the rest. And, if you ever need help, just reach out and ask.

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