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Since you’re reading this article, it means you’re at least open to the idea of letting automation fill your caseload.

I remember the first time I brought up automated chat with a therapist. In disbelief, she said, “You’re going to put a robot on my website?” This was back in 2019 when online therapy was still a foreign idea to most clients.

Today, there’s a different landscape in the world of therapist websites. The cost of getting new clients has skyrocketed — in large part because of the sheer number of therapists who are now using Google Ads as their primary leadgen source. Plus, you’ve got big companies like Talkspace and Better Help who are monopolizing the market.

While I may not agree with many of their practices, I can say is that some level of automation can be a plus for therapy practices of all sizes. Why? Because people have come to expect a chat option on a website … and you can’t be in front of your computer 24-7.

In the past few years, I have set up numerous chatbots on therapist websites with huge levels of success.

As you can imagine, I did tons of research and tried out numerous companies before finding one that meets my rigorous standards.

As we go into 2023, there is one chat company that does things much differently than other vendors in the market. The company is called ZyraTalk and they personalize conversations based on each individual webpage.

What I also love about ZyraTalk is their incredible customer service.

Any time I set up a new therapy website with a ZyraTalk chatbot, they take care of everything … design, coding, workflow, tech … everything. All I have to do is install a single line of code on a website and the chat is live.

Here’s a quick video of what the ZyraTalk chatbot looks like on a website I recently designed — We Rise NYC.


3 benefits of automated chat for therapists and mental health professionals


  1. Increased Conversions – Automated chatbots can increase online conversions by as much as 20% (as shown above). This is because chatbots are able to handle customer inquiries and qualify potential leads quickly and efficiently.
  2. Better Client Experiences – Chatbots provide a better customer experience than traditional customer service channels, such as phone or email. This is because chatbots are able to handle multiple customer inquiries simultaneously, which reduces the amount of time leads spend waiting for a response. Plus, it gives existing clients an easy way to reach out.
  3. Reduced Costs – Automated chatbots can reduce the costs associated with getting more leads and new clients. The goal of a website is to give people as many ways as possible to reach out … and a chatbot does exactly that.


Want to try automating chat for your therapist website?

Goodman Creatives now includes ZyraTalk chatbots in all our therapist web design packages.

If you already have a website, we can get you set up on ZyraTalk within 24-hours at no charge to you.

To learn more, reach out and schedule a free consult today.


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