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Are you struggling to generate traffic to your therapy company website?

It may be that you once had a fantastic website that was a key part of your marketing strategy. Perhaps, you were ahead of the competition when many other therapy businesses had yet to adapt to the internet age.

But now it’s high time you undergo a website overhaul. After all, things have changed since the time when just having a company website was enough. Now you need to make sure you have a website that engages your customers and designed with a target audience in mind.

Keep reading to find out the 10 signs that you require a website overhaul.

1. Not Compatible with Smartphones and Tablets

According to a recent study, since 2015 Google searches on smartphones have overtaken those on computers. Increasingly many people are exclusively using smartphones and tablets to search the internet.

Websites that aren’t optimised to be compatible with mobile devices will lose out to the competition.

You don’t want to risk losing customers frustrating with the poor online experience of your website. You need to act now to carry out a website overhaul.

The good news is that 62 percent of companies that redesigned their website to conform to mobile devices saw improved sales.

. . .

2. Not SEO-Optimized

Have you noticed that your company website doesn’t show up very high on search engine results pages (SERPs)? This is probably because your website isn’t SEO-optimized.

SEO (search engine optimization) uses a range of social marketing techniques to increase the ranking of sites on Google and other search engines.

Even if you thought you had this covered, the algorithms for Google and others have changed dramatically in recent years. Are you not experiencing the results you hoped for? This could be a sign that you need a website overhaul to make sure it’s SEO-ready.

Don’t doubt the power of search engines to transform the fortunes of your therapy company. Up to 93 percent of online users start with a search engine.

SEO Search Engine Optimization for small businesses

3. You’re Still Using Flash

If your website is still in Flash, this is a serious sign that you need company’s site needs a website overhaul. In fact, you should have changed this many years ago.

Many devices such as iPhones and iPads don’t support Flash. And most search engines, including Google, don’t work with Flash. By still using Flash, you’re damaging the online users’ experience of your website.

. . .

4. You’re not Converting Clicks into Customers

The main reason to have a company website is to convert clicks into new customers.

But if your analytics suggests that visitors spend a brief time on your site before leaving, or users only visit a low number of pages on your site, you could have a problem.

People leaving quickly is a sign that users don’t find your website useful, engaging or interesting.

There could be a number of explanations for this. However, it boils down to not providing the right opportunities for users to convert to customers. Or, customers aren’t converting because they don’t want to.

Either way, this is an important sign that you need to redesign your website to start generating traffic that turns into improved sales.

. . .

5. Old-Fashioned Web-design

The fashions and trends for websites are constantly in flux. Because of this, it’s crucial to make changes to your site every few years. Otherwise, you’ll risk your web-design appearing seriously outdated.

Every well-designed website has to be user-friendly with a clean and clear design. However, it’s also vital to consider who your target group is and how you can design a website that appeals to this audience.

. . .

6. Slow and Confusing

How long should it take for a web page to load?

According to almost half of internet users, it should take under 2 seconds. And if this doesn’t happen, many users will immediately leave a website if it requires over 3 seconds to load.

If your customers are annoyed by the time it takes to load pages on your website, they won’t stick around for long.

It doesn’t matter how well-designed your website is, or the high-quality therapy services you provide.

To speed up your website loading time, there are many things website developers can do. Provide your customers with a reason to stay on your website and explore your excellent offers and useful information about therapy.

7. Your Business has Outgrown Your Website

The website you created a few years ago may have been appropriate when you were just starting out. But now your business has expanded and grown drastically your website has struggled to keep up.

If your website no longer serves your needs and your customers can’t find the information they’re looking for, it’s a sign you need a website overhaul.

As your therapy business grows, you need to redesign your website to catch up.

. . .

8. New Branding or Marketing Strategy

Have you changed your branding or marketing strategy since you designed your website?

Your website shouldn’t be an afterthought.

But rather, it has to be at the center of your new marketing strategy. For many of your customers, it’s the first impression they’ll have of your business. That means you need to make it count!

You need to consider whether your existing website reflects your new branding and marketing message. If it doesn’t then you need to make some changes to your company site.

. . .

9. It Isn’t Easy to Update Your Site

Do you still have to use code every time you want to add new content to your website? Content management systems (CMS) have changed significantly in recent years.

This means there’s no need to still use code when you want to make minor changes to your website.

If every time you want to update your site, you need to contact and pay a web developer, you’re throwing good money after bad. You should have a website that allows you easily update your site as often as you want.

. . .

10. You’re not Proud of Your Website

Probably the most obvious sign that you need a website redesign is if you’re not proud of your website. If you’re reluctant to give out your URL or direct customers to your website, you definitely need to make some changes.

You can no longer afford to have a weak website. After a website overhaul, you can feel confident about and proud of the online experience you’re giving your customers.

Get a Website Overhaul Today

If you recognize your therapy company’s website in any of these signs, you’re in need of a website overhaul.

We have extensive experience working with other therapy companies to improve their website and online marketing strategy.

To get started with the redesign of your website to generate traffic to your site and increase sales, get in touch today.



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