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Why you need a custom website designer

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Custom website design benefits your website and business in many ways. This is true if you are a plumber, shaman, yoga instructor, or psychotherapist. In fact, 48 percent of a survey’s respondents cited website design as their most important factor in determining a website’s credibility.

Credibility is almost everything online. Online reviews are authoritative because they give credibility to businesses, and that trust can be monetized. In fact, 88 percent of online shoppers use reviews when making a buying decision. At least 72 percent of them trust the reviews as much as they believe a personal recommendation.

In a study of why people mistrusted or rejected a website, 94 percent of respondents cited issues directly related to website design. Only six percent said things related to specific content. Respondents cited reasons like:

  • Website design lacks color and is boring
  • Presence of flamboyant ads and pop-ups
  • Slow load times
  • Website have complex layout
  • Prints are too tiny and hard to read

So how do you benefit from having a custom website design for your SMB or therapy practice? Read on to find out.

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A Look that Blends with the Brand

Your business has a unique brand. It’s expressed in your logo, colors, fonts, name, and overall design choices and style. These brand representations would show up in your content, high-quality images, and site.

Using a custom design gives room for you to personalize the site.

Your developers can better express your brand’s colors, graphics, navigation preferences, image choices, and layout. One of the benefits of Bespoke Software Development is easier maintenance.

A custom website design gives your designers the opportunity to integrate all your brand elements. They can control everything right from the site planning and mapping to the content management needs.

Color raises your brand recognition by 80 percent. Design elements like images are essential to your site. Close to 40 percent of visitors will leave a website and never come back if the photos don’t load or take too much time to load.

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Search Engine Optimized Site

Custom website design gives your website a search engine optimization (SEO) advantage.

Since content marketing and user experience helps to rank sites better, you get to give your website the attention it needs in this regard. A custom design is crafted to engage with your visitors right off the bat.

Design elements like site speed influence SEO. In fact, 53 percent of visitors will leave if your site takes longer than three seconds to load a page.

You should bear in mind that designs come and go. When building your custom website design, make sure to think long-term and not around a fleeting idea.

Parallax design may have visitors scrolling down your website forever, but it doesn’t go well with the search engines. The design doesn’t compensate for keywords as it forces you to put all your site’s keywords in one URL.

On the other hand, you have the responsive design. This design is more SEO friendly and is ranked higher by search engines.

Responsive sites remove the stress of managing two websites (one for desktop and another for mobile visitors). This design also eliminates the risk of running duplicate content.

Other design factors like HTML, JavaScripts, and CSS structures influence your SEO too. If your site navigation isn’t intuitive, your high bounce rate will tell the search engines your site isn’t user-friendly.

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Readily Scalable

A custom website design gives you the power to alter things. You can scale as you grow and adapt to your users’ needs quickly. If you’re just starting out, then you don’t need elaborate designs and functionalities.

Having a custom design helps you choose what’s best for you as you grow. You are in control of your growth.

However, cheap generic websites don’t give you the opportunity to scale your site fast. You’d have too many design hurdles to cross than you can handle. Having your design custom done gives you the opportunity to have it customized on an ongoing basis.

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A Custom Website Design Is Customer-Centered

Close to 70 percent of respondents who had 15 minutes to consume content opted for a beautifully designed site. After going through a website optimization lesson, 47 percent of site owners changed their website design to better focus on their customers.

Smooth navigation gives your business an upper hand over its competitors. Your visitors will be better engaged and your conversion rate will shoot up.

Using HTLM5 instead of flash helps speed up your website’s page load time and makes them mobile friendly. In fact, 27 percent of sites online use HTML5. They command 49 percent of page views online.

Designing a custom website helps you put in all the elements that are especially attractive to your customers.


Why do Therapists Need a Custom Website?

First and foremost, custom web design allows therapists to create a website that is tailored specifically to their unique needs and brand identity. This means that the website can reflect the therapist’s personality, approach, and the specific services they offer, providing a more authentic and compelling representation of their practice.

Moreover, custom websites for therapists ensure a high level of functionality and user-friendliness. Therapists can optimize their website for easy navigation, ensuring that visitors can quickly find essential information, such as contact details, services offered, and appointment booking options. This user-friendly experience enhances the likelihood of potential clients staying on the site and ultimately reaching out for therapy services.

Custom-designed websites also provide a competitive edge. In the digital landscape, where online visibility is crucial, a unique and professionally designed website can stand out amidst the competition. It allows therapists to differentiate themselves and leave a lasting impression on potential clients, potentially increasing their client base.

Furthermore, custom web design enables therapists to prioritize security and privacy features, which are paramount in the healthcare and therapy field. This includes implementing robust security measures to protect sensitive client data and ensuring compliance with regulations like HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

Lastly, a custom-designed website offers scalability and flexibility. As a therapist’s practice grows or evolves, the website can easily accommodate changes and updates without the limitations of generic templates. This adaptability ensures that the website remains relevant and effective in meeting the evolving needs of the therapist’s practice.

In conclusion, custom web design for therapists offers a personalized, functional, competitive, secure, and adaptable online platform, ultimately supporting the therapist in attracting clients, establishing trust, and growing their practice.

Better Security and Control

A serious security vulnerability can bring your business crashing down. A stunning 99.7 percent of web applications that Trustwave scanned in 2016 had at least one security weakness.

Website Security Statistics Report by WhiteHat Security says that 86 percent of websites had at least one serious security vulnerability.

Having your custom website design gives you improved security. You won’t have to struggle with particular vulnerabilities, and you can handle them yourself too. You’ll also lower the chances of being a victim of mass cyber attacks. Just make sure you have that SSL certificate.

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Better User Experience

Once on your site, 50 percent of visitors get around using the navigation menu. Another 36 percent click on your logo to go to your homepage.

However, 44 percent of mobile user say that they found it hard to navigate a web page. Another six percent said interaction with web pages was hard for them. All these negatively impact user experience and can be solved using a custom website design.

Based on the report of 77 of agencies, the Society for Digital Agencies (SoDA) says that poor user experience is the most significant weakness of most websites.

Only 55 percent of websites are conducting any UX testing, according to Econsultancy. 95 percent of respondents agree with the statement “good user experience just makes sense.”


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To Wrap It Up

Businesses are beginning to see the importance of having a custom website design.

In fact, 57.7 percent of medium and small-scale enterprises are now taking to this path.

Are you a small business or a professional in the San Francisco Bay area? If you’re considering building a custom website, Goodman Creatives makes it a breeze.


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