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As a small business owner, you are what sets your business apart from the competition. People want to support people they like and are excited to be around – even if the connection is completely online.

A brand should provide value

Start by asking, “who do I most want to serve?” How can you enrich their lives? What problem can you solve? Why is your business the answer? Only then can a brand attract your dream client.

Here’s everything I know about personal branding.

Branding is more than logos and colors

Effective branding evokes an emotion and a response. It encapsulates your essence and weaves into everything you do. By creating an experience that transcends digital mediums, a brand can reach more people than ever.

Online business is a brave new world.

The isolation of Covid has unified our global community via social media. More than ever, people want to support people they like and trust. Now is the time to grow your personal brand into something that supports your business and creates financial freedom.

Work with an online brand consultant.

my personal brand

Dad, husband, and entrepreneur – lover of travel, photography, creativity, and being free to live the life of my dreams.

I provide overworked business owners with all the tools, services, and handholding they need to achieve financial freedom.

greg goodman

Trusted by local business owners everywhere

Krista Rhinehart

Life is Ceremony

Greg offers multiple areas of expertise and was able to attune and understand my vision on a deep level

Julie Lingler


Greg helped me identify who I was speaking to and what I wanted to say – so every choice we made followed from there.

Dr. Sylvia Skefich

The Better Back & Body Shop

Greg has developed my “look” online. He offers excellent solutions to the many, many questions and challenges I have put before him.

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