Copywriting for Therapists: a 4-Step Formula for Success

Follow this 4-step formula for effective therapist copywriting that connects with your dream client and inspires them to reach out and become a paying client.

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A successful website makes someone’s life better even if they never reach out and become a paying client.

When someone visits your website, they are hurting. Something is going on in their life, and they are ready for change. But, they may not be ready to take that next big step. Or, you may just not be a match for them. Either way, there are still plenty of ways you can help that person’s mental health journey… even if they never reach out. That’s where copywriting for therapists comes in.

A big part of successful therapist copywriting is inspiring people to be the change they seek.

It’s about showing them what life could look like without their issue. Keep reading for an in-depth guide to my 4-step therapist copywriting formula, designed to help you effectively communicate with your potential clients. Or, watch this comprehensive copywriting for therapists video from my online course: Fill Your Caseload With Ease & Flow.


Quick Tips to Improve Your Therapist Copywriting

  1. Your website should be all about THEM, not you. — Make sure your website content revolves around the needs, concerns, and experiences of your potential clients. They should feel that your website is tailored specifically to them.
  2. Avoid talking about yourself too early in the process. — Don’t rush to talk about yourself. Focus on your potential clients’ needs and build a connection before introducing yourself.
  3. Utilize “YOU” statements whenever possible. — Use language that directly addresses the reader. For example, say “You can overcome this” instead of “Clients can overcome this.”
  4. Recognize that visitors may not read every page or navigate your website in a specific order. — Your website should be designed for easy navigation. Assume that visitors might land on any page, and each page should provide value and context on its own.
  5. Maintain a consistent dream client across all pages. — Create a detailed profile of your ideal client and maintain consistency in your messaging across all pages. This helps potential clients identify with your content.
  6. Strive to solve as many problems as possible on each page. — Your website should aim to provide solutions and answers to as many of your potential clients’ questions and concerns as possible.

Copywriting for therapists formula


Step 1: Describe their issues in their own words

The first step of copywriting for therapists is to delve into the world of your potential clients and describe their struggles in a way that resonates with them. This is the foundation of connecting with your audience on a deep level. Empathy is key. Address the specific needs and concerns of your target audience. Show them that you understand what they’re going through.

Use Metaphors and Avoid Jargon

Metaphors are powerful tools in copywriting. They allow you to express complex emotions and experiences in a way that feels familiar to your readers. For instance, if you work with clients dealing with anxiety, you might describe it as “feeling like a constant storm inside.” This vivid imagery helps your readers immediately grasp the intensity of the emotion.

Speak Their Language

Avoid using jargon or clinical terms that your potential clients may not understand. You want your website to be accessible and relatable. Describe their issues using everyday language, ensuring they can connect with your message effortlessly. Better yet, listen to what your clients say in session and use those exact words and phrases on your website.

Sound Like a Page Out of Their Journal

Imagine your reader sitting down to write about their struggles in their personal journal. Your copy should evoke that same sense of intimacy and self-reflection. Be empathetic and compassionate in your language, showing that you truly understand their emotions. Frame your examples and references in a way that your potential clients can relate to. This makes your content more relatable and compelling.

Copywriting for therapists and mental health professionals


Step 2: Describe their dream outcome

Painting a vivid picture of what life could be like without the burdens they currently carry is a crucial step. This is where you create hope and inspire them to envision a brighter future.

Foster Hope and Optimism

Your words should spark hope in your readers. Describe how their life could be transformed if they address their issues. Help them imagine a life free from anxiety, depression, or whatever challenges they face. This step is all about fostering optimism and belief in positive change.

Address the Unconscious Desires

Often, clients may not be fully aware of what they want. They know they want to feel better, but they may struggle to articulate their ideal outcome. In your copy, provide insights into what their life could look like if their issues suddenly disappeared. Paint a holistic picture of well-being that goes beyond symptom relief.

Evoke emotions when describing the ideal solution. — Use emotionally charged language when describing the positive outcomes your clients can achieve through therapy. Connect with your readers on a deep emotional level.

copywriting for therapists tips and tricks


Step 3: Share an at-home exercise for relief

Offer your readers something tangible, an at-home exercise that can provide immediate relief. By giving away real-world tools for free, you show them a glimpse of what therapy can offer and establish your expertise.

Provide Immediate Value

The at-home exercise you share should offer practical value. It should be something your potential clients can implement right away to start feeling better. This demonstrates your commitment to their well-being and positions you as a valuable resource.

Showcase Your Expertise

By sharing effective exercises, you showcase your expertise as a therapist. You’re not just telling them you can help; you’re showing them. This builds trust and confidence in your abilities.


Step 4: Talk about your process

Now that you’ve earned the reader’s trust by making the page all about them, it’s time to share a bit about why you are a great fit for them. This section can be challenging for therapists since it’s about you, not them. However, it’s essential to convey why your approach is unique and how you can guide them on their journey.

Establish Your Credibility

Discuss your qualifications, experience, and unique approach to therapy. Highlight what sets you apart from other therapists. This is where you build credibility and reassure potential clients that you are the right choice for them.

Share Success Stories

If you have success stories or testimonials from previous clients, this is the place to showcase them. Real-life examples of how you’ve helped others can be incredibly persuasive and reassuring for new clients.



How to Format Your Text — Copywriting for Therapists — Final Tips and Pointers

Now that we’ve covered the four core steps of copywriting for therapists, let’s delve into some additional tips and pointers to enhance your website’s effectiveness in attracting and engaging potential clients. Below is a short version of my longer article — how to write websites that people want to read.

  1. Tell a complete story in your headings. — Create compelling and informative headings that tell a story and guide the reader through your content.
  2. Write short paragraphs and sentences. — Keep your writing concise and easy to digest. Short paragraphs and sentences are more reader-friendly, especially online.
  3. Include bullet and numbered lists. — Break up information with bullet points and numbered lists to make it easier for readers to scan and absorb key points.
  4. Break up paragraphs with callouts. — Use callout boxes or highlighted text to draw attention to important information or quotes within your content.


Copywriting for Therapists Examples

If you’re wondering how this all comes together, take a look at the below pages I have helped write. These are great examples of successful copywriting for therapists – and they also show how many ways this formula can be interpreted for your dream client.

Therapist Copywriting and marketing expert


Feeling Intimidated by Copywriting for Your Website?

If the thought of writing copy for your therapist website intimidates or overwhelms you, know that you’re not alone. With 17 years of experience, I’ve worked with hundreds of therapists to help them overcome copywriting roadblocks and limiting beliefs.

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Don’t let copywriting hold you back from reaching those who need your help. Let’s take the first step together towards achieving your goals. Reach out today and schedule a free consult.

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