6 Best Tools to Check the Domain Authority of Your Website

How do you find out a website's domain authority - and why should you care?

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The domain authority of a website is a score generated by MOZ to check the web site’s performance in SERPs.

It plays a great role in comparing the strength of your website with the competitor’s site.

Websites with quality content and niche relevant strong backlinks have a high DA score and are at the top of SERPs.

DA score of a website is measured on a scale of zero to 100, where 0 is the worst, and 100 is considered an excellent score.

The good domain score of a website is lies between fifty and 60.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best tools that can help you to quickly the DA score of your website.

But, before getting into the discussion, first, you need to know:

How MOZ calculates the Domain Authority of a Website?

The mentioned below factors plays a major role in calculating the DA score of your website:

All Linking Root Domains

The linking domains tell shows the exact unique backlinks that a website has earned.

If a website has obtained 50 external links from five different websites, then the site has only five different linking root domains.

It’s possible to buy high DA backlinks – which Google frowns upon … but everyone does.

Content Quality

The ranking of a site in a search engine also depends upon the quality of the content.

Moz analyzes this factor before generating the DA score of a website.

Social Signals

These signals play a great role in checking the quality of the content.

If the content is Liked, Shared, or commented on several times on the social media platforms, it must contain a piece of excellent quality content.

Moz also uses these signals to calculate the domain authority of a site.


This factor shows the strength of good quality external links of a website.

A quality backlink has the power to beat the number of irrelevant backlinks.

A good external link is quite better than having two irrelevant poor quality links.


This factor tells the quality of external links of a website. It deeply analyzes how a site is linked to different well reputed and trustworthy websites.

Some of the most popular trusted websites are .edu and .gov etc.

Further in this article, we’re going to talk about some of the best online tools that help to quickly calculate the domain authority score of a website.

Top 5 Best Tools to Check the Domain Authority of a Website

Following websites provides some excellent online tools to check the DA score of a site.

1.   Moz.com


It is one of the finest SEO tool provider websites that offers basic and advanced features to improve the website SEO.

Moz provides a quick access MozBar that quickly analyzes a site in real-time and calculates its DA, PA, and spam score of a website.

It also provides some excellent features that determine the linking root domains and all ranking keywords of a website.

Simply paste the links into the input box of the tool to quickly checks all the ranking factors of a website.

Once you click the Analyze Domain button, the tool tells the top rank pages and linking domain of the website.

It also shows displays the estimated clicks for a keyword just within a single click.

Also, if you install the MozBar, it analyzes the website in real-time and tells the domain authority, page authority, and spam score of a website.

Key features:

Moz Toolbar

This feature allows users to check the DA and PA score of a website in real-time.

It also tells the spam score of a site to prevent getting a link from that site.

Keyword Difficulty:

It quickly displays the keyword difficulty of a given number within no time.

Competitive Analysis:

The tool also shows how other competitors are competing for the same keyword that you’re trying to rank in search engines.

It provides some important metrics that help you to analyze your competitor.

Top Ranking Keywords:

It also quickly creates a list of all relevant ranking keywords and it also tells the possible clicks for top-ranked keywords by depending upon their volume.


2. Prepostseo.com


The platform is providing some incredible online tools that help several webmasters and SEO experts to rank websites in SERPs.

To check the domain or page authority of a website, Prepostseo has launched its incredible Domain Authority checker.

The main purpose of this free online checker is to find the domain and page authority score in bulk quantity.

It provides some excellent features to quickly generate the DA, PA, IP Address, and spam score of several websites just within a single click.

Simply paste the URLs in the input box of the checker in bulk quantity and click “Check Authority”.

Key Features:

Bulk Quantity

This free online da checker allows users to check the domain score of multiple websites within a few seconds.

Provide Detailed Results:

After analyzing the website, it generates the detailed result of all metrics by using its advanced technologies.

It calculates the DA, SS, PA, IP Address, and several website pages indexed in the search engine.

Download Report

The online website domain authority checker allows multiple users to download the final result report of the checked URLs in Excel format.

Raw Data

It is one of the best features of this online checker. Here, users can check the DA of multiple sites simply by putting raw form URLs into the checker.

It automatically reads each URL and analyzes it deeply to generate the final result.

Increase DA PA of a website

If you’re using this incredible checker, it also provides an amazing option to increase the DA and PA of your website within the given time.

3. Bulk DA PA Checker Tool by GUESTPOSTLINKS


GUESTPOSTLINKS presents its Bulk DA PA Checker tool, a robust and efficient solution for those who want to check their domain authority in bulk, such as SEO companies, agencies, and direct clients looking to evaluate the domain and page authority of multiple websites simultaneously. This tool is especially beneficial for those with SEO knowledge or internal SEO teams aiming to enhance their website’s ranking in search engine results.

Key Features of this Tool Include:

  • Bulk Analysis Capability: Allows for checking the DA and PA scores of up to 20 websites in one go, saving valuable time and effort.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, making it accessible to both SEO professionals and beginners.
  • Comprehensive Metrics: Provides detailed insights into the domain and page authority scores, helping in making informed SEO decisions.
  • Efficiency and Speed: Known for its rapid results, this tool ensures quick and accurate assessment of DA and PA scores.

Whether you’re an SEO agency or a business with an internal SEO team, the Da Pa Bulk Checker tool by GUESTPOSTLINKS stands out as a reliable and essential tool for enhancing your online presence.


4.   Bulkdachecker.com


The domain authority checker by Bulkdachecker helps to check DA of up to 5 websites at a time.

It focuses on providing the best results by displaying the Moz DA, PA, MozRank, and IP address of a website within no time.

The user interface of Bulk da checker is simple and easy to use.

All you need to do is to paste the URLs into the checker and click “Submit”.

Key Features:

Domain and Page Authority

It analyzed the given websites and calculate the domain and page authority by using its advanced features.

Important Moz Metrics

This online tool focuses on providing the best results of all Moz metrics including Moz Rank, and the IP Address of a site.

External Links

The interesting feature of this amazing online tool is that also checks the exact external backlinks of the site.

Download Report

It provides an option to download the final report in CSV format just within a click.

5.   Ignitedigital.com


This online tool helps to check the domain score of up to 20 URLs in a single click.

Simply keep in mind that each link must be placed separately on every single line.

The interface of Ignite digital’s DA checker is very simple.

Simply paste the URLs into the checker, verify the image verification code, and press “Submit”.

Key Features:

Bulk URLs:

This online tool allows users to check a domain score of 20 websites at once.

This saves time from checking several URLs one by one.

Moz Metrics:

Its focus to provide every Moz Metric including domain & page authority, IP Address, and spam score of the website.

Latest Algorithms:

This online tool helps to quickly calculate the domain score of a site by using the latest technologies and advanced algorithms.

Download Report:

The tool also provides an option to export the file in CSV format into the system.

6.   Countingcharacters.com


This platform allows users to check the domain authority of one site at a single time.

It quickly analyzes the entire website and generates the metrics of the given website within a single click.

To use this online tool, simply paste the URL into the checker and click ‘Get Website Metrics’.

Key Features:

Single Search:

Just like the other checker, it doesn’t allow users to check the domain authority of multiple sites.

This online tool provides an option to check only a single website at once.

Domain Authority:

It mainly focuses on calculating the domain authority of a site.

The score tells how the factors of a domain are helping to grow a site in the SERPs.

Page Authority:

It quickly calculates the page authority of the given website.

The score shows how best any webpage ranks in the search engine.

Final Result:

After scanning the entire site, it quickly creates the da and pa of the given website.

Wrapping Up

Domain authority is considered as one of the important factors in ranking a website high in SERPs.

It is a key factor to understand why specific pages of a website rank higher than that of the competitors.

You can use one of the mentioned above online tools to check the DA of your site.

These tools come up with some excellent features and help you to quickly analyze some important factors of the competitor’s site within a few seconds.

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