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Today there are few decent advertising channels left for businesses and brands — and all of them are online.

The biggest part of them is in the social media services, which offer a very convenient way of interacting and communicating with the audience and potential buyers. However, not all business owners know how to organize their pages in a way that they would gain more and more subscribers over time, and that they wouldn’t have to worry about gradual growth of their profile. In this article, we will review the main methods and tools that you (if you are an owner of the business) have to use to boost your online page’s development.

How to set up your Instagram Page

Let’s start with the fact that there is no use to reach out for promotion (let it be paid one or a free one) if you have not yet organized your profile in a decent way – the main rule and principle is that people have to realize what they are looking at exactly and where can they buy that, and what the price is going to be. These three points should be cleared out as soon as a person clicks on your username in Insta and gets redirected to your page.

How do you do that? Start from the very beginning and find a short and memorable username, then fill in your bio with all the required links and post from 9 to 12 publications so your feed would look filled. After that you can proceed to working with stories and organizing the highlights: there you can smartly pack all the demanded information about the items you have in stock, the price, and the timing of the delivery (these are only examples, you are free to fill the highlights with whatever you find most convenient and useful for your audience).

Only after you have organized your page the right way and you have a full understanding of how the potential buyer is going to behave while looking through it, can you proceed to try to promote it.

First, you can use some free methods, and the most efficient one would be trying to “steal” your competitors’ audiences by looking through the lists of their followers and finding people who have been recently active on Instagram. See, you are putting forward similar content, and if it is good enough these people might get interested in subscribing to you as well. However, this way you will not be able to gather thousands of subscribers – but the first hundred are definitely going to be there if you spend enough time trying.


How to pay for more Instagram Followers

Sadly enough, the above method is the only free one that works decently – everything that goes next is paid. However, there are tools that vary in cost and you can choose whichever are on your budget. We are going to tell you about all of them, moreover, we are going to give you a brief review on what results those usually bring and in what order you should be taking on them if you are planning to use everything at once.

A chance to buy Instagram followers.

This one should be used first because it creates a stable base for future promotional campaigns. To make sure that you are doing everything right and not wasting your money over nothing, you should check whether the company you’re planning to work with sells real subs or fake ones – the second option is unnecessary. This is quite obvious: you should have not just subs, but active subs, who are also able to leave you likes and comments. And if you purchase authentic and real followers, this is possible – people might easily get interested in what you post and leave you other signs of approval rather than simply be your inactive followers. But if you buy fake ones, there will be only one scenario possible.

A possibility to set targeted ads.

Instagram has a built-in system that offers nice quality promotion through its algorithms, that are going to showcase your ad (it might be a post or a story) exactly to people who are interested in it. You can set the age, the location, and the interests of people whom you want to become your followers, and Instagram is going to make sure that your advertisement is going to be seen precisely by these people. It is quite convenient, but can be pricey (depending on the duration and the audience reach that you will set). However, there is no tool that is going to work as great as this one, so we are highly recommending you to include it in your development plan.

An opportunity to work with bloggers.

There are people who are creating content in very different genres and gather huge audiences because of that. They don’t have their own brands and companies, but they willingly work with ones – you can use that as well and offer some bloggers who create content in your sphere to review your products or collaborate with you to create one. This will bring you lots of new clients and some bonds that are going to be definitely useful in the future. Surely, this method is not as quick and easy as a chance to buy real Instagram followers or a possibility to set an ad, but it is still very profitable, especially if you are trying to sell something materialistic or to spread the word about your services.

However, you might have guessed that the best results are going to be achieved if you’d use all of those methods together, combined. You know, the inner Insta ad or the ad from a blogger can vary in price, and you are the only one who should decide how much it is going to cost and what results you are going to get. The packs with subscribers (or likes and comments, if you will) cost not that much, and there is no reason to avoid those as helpful tools for your account’s quick promotion.

Hire an Instagram Specialist

The only thing that we have not spoken about yet is working with specialists who can help you with writing posts and creating nice visuals for your profile. Yes, those are here at your service as well – copywriters and digital designers are people who are highly demanded today and whose services vary in price as well. You can go to any online labor exchange to find yourself helpers and even create a small team that is going to take care of your Instagram page (or your social media pages in general). This is a very smart move, but it is not on everybody’s budget, so, once again, you are the one to decide whether this option suits your case or not.

So here we have given you a quick review of all the methods and tools that you can use for your page’s promotion – some of them are cheaper, some more expensive, but combined they will definitely bring you to any results that you have planned. Moreover, all of those free you lots of time and save you lots of nerves, so there is basically no reason to decline these pieces of advice: you know, managing a business is already a huge deal and you can easily delegate the online duties to somebody else. Be slow and thoughtful with what you are doing and you definitely going to see great changes coming your way in the shortest time!

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