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Logo Design and Business Card Design

Logo Design
Business Card Design

Let's create a logo you love!

Over the years, our design team has created logos for businesses around the world. Now, we want to create one for you!

The logo design process is simple:

  1. Send us samples of other logos and designs that you like
  2. Let us know who your dream client is
  3. Choose from 3 logo choices … which can be modified to your heart’s content

Once we finalize your new logo, you’ll get all the files you need to print it, put it on letterheads, use it in presentations, or even create custom teeshirts. (ai, psd, jpg, png, etc)

Logo Design Samples

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Need a New Business Card?

On average, you will be handed 12,835 business cards in your life.

Ok, I totally made that stat up. But it feels that way sometimes.

If you’re like me, you toss most of them in the trash shortly after receiving it. However, every once-in-a-while, someone hands you a beautiful card that makes you stop and appreciate it as a work of art.

That reaction is our goal with every business card design project we undertake.

Business Card Design Samples

How much does it cost?

Logo Design Pricing

Our logo design service starts at $450, which includes three unique designs to choose from. If you’re happy with the general idea of one of them, we can revise the design until you love it.

If, after seeing those first three designs, you choose to go in a new direction, you can commission a new round of three designs for an additional $150.

. . .

Business Card Design Pricing

Our business card design services starts at $450, and also includes three unique concepts to choose from.

Much like the logo design, if you want to take the design in a completely new direction after seeing those designs, you may purchase an additional three designs for $150.

. . .

Logo + Business Card Design Package

Save $100 when you combine logo design with business card design.

aka, get both for $800 … unless you need extra designs, which are always $150 for an additional round.

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