Therapist Website Design Portfolio

Neshima Healing

About the therapist web design process

Working with Neshima Healing’s well developed existing aesthetic and design, we expanded its femininity with:

  • Soft scrolling paper textures
  • Neutral tones from her logo
  • Very delicate highlighted graphic elements
  • Natural subject matter
  • Soft but sure typographical treatments

The aim was to uphold a deliberate minimal visual appearance and calming presence, which ties in with the meditative theme in her practice and woman-centric workshops. As well white on white content areas exemplified a restful interaction.

Where used, the neutral sand and sky tones only directed the user to areas of action, much like an island of where to go next. Overall, the design is meant to be subtle and clean, allowing Neshima’s presence to inspire movement and healing in her clientele.

Social Media Management

In addition to creating Hagit’s website, we collaborated on creating a persona brand on social media to promote her live SPARKS events.

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