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Best web design for therapists

Web Design for Therapists

If you need more clients, your therapist website should follow this formula:

  • Connect with your dream client
  • Offer solutions without being salesy
  • Give people plenty of ways to reach out
  • Make your marketing work better
  • Fill your caseload with ease and flow

3 pillars of a successful therapist website

Effective web design for therapists creates a connection with your dream client and walks them through a virtual intake call. That way, when they finally do reach out, it’s like they already know you.


Create personal connections with effective copy that makes your dream client feel heard and validated.


Enchant visitors with stunning visuals, powerful typography, effective CTAs, and UX based in psychology.


Provide plenty of ways for your dream client to reach out and become a paying client.

A therapist website is not like other websites

Think of your therapist website as a delicate dance of words and images. A comprehensive narrative – straight out of your dream client’s journal. An exploration of their subconscious that provides abstract hope and concrete solutions.

You’re not selling a service. You are offering a solution to a problem.

That’s why it’s essential to partner with someone that understands the specific needs and intricacies of mental health professionals. Someone who speaks both therapist and client. And yes, with two decades of experience with web design for therapists, that someone is me.

Your marketing works better with effective web design for therapists

98% of people leave a website without doing anything. If you’re running Google Ads or paying for Psychology today, that’s a lot of wasted money. However, when your website connects with your dream client and provides plenty of ways to reach out, that percentage instantly drops.

Effective therapist web design includes multiple contact forms, EHR integration, clickable phone numbers, CTA buttons, online calendars, chat, internal links, and more. Once all that is set up, the next step is to automate your followup as much as possible.

Your therapist website should be about them, not you

This is the #1 mistake therapists make when creating a website. Before you talk about yourself, you need to establish trust and connection. Start by diving into the what, rather than the how. Here’s a high-level overview of my copywriting formula:

  • Who is your dream client?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • How would their life be different without that pain point?
  • How can your website help them – even if they never become a paying client?
  • What is your unique approach?
web design portfolio

A collaborative approach to web design for therapists

First, we will dive into the details of your dream client to understand what THEY are looking for in terms of message and design. To help guide you, I have created a collection of comprehensive videos and workbooks that can be completed on your own or together with me as your coach.

Next, I use my decades of therapist web design experience to create a custom design that delights both you and your dream client. You can suggest changes over email. Or, we can do live editing sessions where we experiment with ideas on a video screenshare.

Whether you know what you want or need a gentle hand to hold from start to finish, I’m here to help.

web design portfolio

Hi. I’m Greg Goodman.

My career as a therapist web design and marketing expert began in 2006. That’s when a family friend asked for help running Google Ads for her practice … and my life changed forever.

In the decades since, I have helped hundreds of therapists, group practices, and mental health clinics get more clients with ease and flow.

My approach is compassionate, collaborative, professional, and inclusive. Wherever you are in your process, I am here to help and serve.

With Gratitude,
Greg Goodman

Here’s everything I know about how the Therapist Marketing Puzzle fits together.

“Greg has been instrumental in our success.”

Greg’s relational intelligence makes him really well suited to the mental health field and is a rare quality in the marketing world. He has a niche understanding of our market and has great insight into strategy. He’s also very high-integrity as an individual and I trust him completely in our work together.

~ Maya Johansson, LMFT

Therapist Website Samples

Well Clinic

Well Clinic

Julie Hattershire Couples Counseling

Julie Hattershire Couples Counseling

Toni Sterbenz, LMFT

Toni Sterbenz, LMFT

Mindwell Therapy

Mindwell Therapy

Neshima Healing

Neshima Healing

Andrea Chilton, MA, MFT

Andrea Chilton, MA, MFT

The web design process should go as deep as your sessions

While technology may evolve, human psychology remains constant. Your dream client will be innately attracted to specific design styles based on their preexisting conditioning and beliefs.

Colors. Fonts. Menu. Photos. Lines. Animations. These are just some of the design elements that can be used to create a subconscious connection that inspires your dream client to reach out.

FAQs about web design for therapists

How do you help me build a foundation?

I use a mix of live 1-1 coaching, prerecorded video trainings, and in-depth workbooks.

With the Complete Experience, we dedicate time to go through those together.

Once you have completed each workbook, I will review it and make notes in a Google document. These notes may simply be, “yes, this is great – use it in your text” – and they might be full conversations about how to use an idea/concept/etc in your copy or when creating your dream client.

We can also set up weekly phone calls or video check-ins. On these calls, we can go through your workbooks,  copy, and roadblocks together.

Can you write or review my copy?

I help YOU create amazing copy for your therapist website.

No one knows your dream client better than you. That’s why you will be the one writing your copy. However, if that thought intimidates or terrifies you, I’m here to help.

My coaching process gives you an exact formula and templates for writing copy for your website. Plus, I will read every word you write and provide feedback and suggestions. We can do this on Google Docs or with a live “copy editing video call” where we look at your copy together and improve it.

All you need to be willing to do is to write a first draft … no matter how rough and imperfect it may be.

Do I need a custom therapist website?

To be honest, no. You don’t need custom web design.

You could probably create a perfectly effective site on your own using Squarespace. Or, if you’re a therapist, our $97/month Therapist Themes website service might be a good fit.

However, if you’re ready to invest in a website that truly sets you apart in the crowd, then you need a custom website.

* and, because I’ll always be honest with you, it’s important to understand that any website is just the first step. Once it’s live, you’ll still need some mix of SEO and advertising to get people to actually visit it.

What happens after my website is live?

Your website will be built on WordPress and when it goes live, I’ll hand off the “Keys to the Kingdom” – aka, your login info.

I’ll also create a video walkthrough of how to add new pages, adjust text and images, and make blog posts.

If you don’t want to do any of that, I also offer a “No Worries Webmaster Plan.” What’s great about that is you can just send me any/all changes and I take care of everything for you.

Will my website show up on Google?

Quick answer: yes, your custom website will show up on Google. However, it might show up on page 42.

Until you begin the process of ongoing SEO, your website will remain unseen through organic (non paid) Google searches. This can be a DIY process (here’s a guide to get you started) – or, my SEO team can take care of everything for you.

Is SEO included?

Yes and No …

Your website will be optimized for SEO from a technical standpoint. That means using code and technology that Google loves. It will load quickly on all devices and inspire people to visit multiple pages, which Google also loves.

However, unless you provide specific keywords that you want to use (or commission an SEO keyword research project), your website will not be optimized for them.

** Many clients choose to create their website without SEO and then hire an SEO agency later to optimize the keywords.

How long does it take to make a website?

Most therapist websites are ready in 4-6 months.

Like anything, the speed that your therapist website goes live depends on how quickly you are able to provide content on your end. Often, it’s the copywriting process that holds things up. But don’t worry, I have ways to get you past those internal roadblocks.

What's the difference between a custom website and a template?

With template-driven website design services (like Therapist Themes), your website shares certain design elements with every other website using that platform. Things like the way images are layed out or how the calls to action look.

With custom web design, every digital inch is created for you – with your dream client in mind. It can be whatever you want it to be. There are no limits except our combined imaginations. aka, limitless

Trusted by therapy practice owners everywhere

Alex Dimitriu

Silicon Psych

Goodman Creatives has been an amazing experience start to finish. Great ideation and interaction overall as well!

Julie Lingler

Couples Counselor

Greg understands that we therapists are a different breed, and we have different needs from other businesses.

Jess Allen

Jess Allen

Collaborative CBT

I will continue to work with Greg on marketing, as I trust him thoroughly and believe he is the best at what he does!

What do you need help with?

Reach out and let's chat about your practice goals

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