Top Useful Text to Speech Generators: Discover the Secrets Behind Them

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Maybe you have to participate in a project and need a quick text to speech (TTS) generator for your project, or perhaps it is for a blog or something else. Whatever it is for, text-to-speech generators have evolved by a large margin. 

In fact, TTS technology has evolved to the point where the increase of human voices is included in AI voices. The quality of natural language processing is becoming, and maybe someday we might see AI voices sound the same as a human voice and even react the same way. 

In fact, according to the latest statistics, there are more than four billion voice TTS generators being used. 

Let’s not wait any further because, in this article, we will find out who are the most useful TTS generators and discover what their secrets are. If you get bored from reading them, you can relax a bit on sites such as

Top text to speech generators you should consider using 



Murf’s text-to-speech generator has over 100 natural voices in more than 15 languages. In addition, the Murf studio is quick and easy to use, providing you with many customizable features at a speed that helps you get the best out of AI-powered voice technology. In short, if you listen to the AI voice generators, they sound pretty realistic and are used for many applications. 

Moreover, you can add narrations to your presentations, videos, and even background music t the tool. Murf is an excellent choice for generating voice-overs for audiobooks, YouTube, Marketing, and even podcasting. Your projects are saved automatically for any future edits, and you don’t have to worry about any copyright issues since Murf provides full commercial rights for their voice-overs. 

Furthermore, here are a few key features: 

  • Customize and generate voice-overs 
  • Support with text and audio support
  • Team collaborations online 
  • High-quality TTS generators 

If you want to try Murf out, it offers a free trial with a 10-minute test voice and some features. If you use the free trial and think it fits you, you can subscribe to their paid plan for $9 and 30 minutes of voice-overs. The available subscription plans are part of the primary, pro, and enterprise plans.




Speechelo has many natural voices in 23 different languages in more than 60 different voices, in case you do not find what you need, see here the options to transcribe audio to text in Spanish with the leading online transcription company. Even more interesting is how they claim that their voice-overs will put emotion in people and are created via cloud-based. In short, when it comes to creating a great training video, sales videos, or anything else, you can’t do so without having the proper voice-over.

Key features with Speechelo include:

  • Has more than 60 human-sounding voice-overs 
  • It offers three different types of tones 
  • Allows you to add breathings sounds for every phase
  • Allows you to change the pitch and speed of the voice-over 

Speechelo might have a discount on their subscription plans from time to time. However, they don’t offer any free trial for you to use, but what makes it great to use is that you don’t have to pay a monthly fee! Instead, Speechelo has a one-time fee of $47 and is even cheaper when there is a discount. 


Text to speech 


Text to speech is a free TTS converter, and the best part is that there are many features available. For example, you don’t have any character limits on the text, and it has more than 40 different languages available for usage. Moreover, users can adjust the speed and pitch of the voice-over. However, a significant downside is that the TTS converter is limited to 100 characters. 

Moreover, TTS is entirely accurate with its natural voices and real-time results. There are no subscription plans associated with it, so if you are just getting started with AI voice generators, this is an excellent alternative. After all, it’ll always be free! 




Do you want someone to read ebooks and PDFs with a natural sound involving human beings? You can try TTSReader for free, which allows you to write and paste texts in a box, including the play button. 

Furthermore, the TTSReader supports many languages, speed variations, and accents. You can check the box if you wish to save your position and texts to the cloud automatically and support all browsers, including Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. 

Additionally, you don’t need to download any passwords or login details, but only copy texts or drag them into the box; you are all set to play. TTSReader is an excellent choice for kids and proofreading. It provides an outstanding level of sound quality from many sources. 

While using the platform, you’ll find out that there are both male and female voices in different languages and accents. You have to choose the voice and language you want and polish it up with the generated voice-overs. Even if you leave your browser, you can always come back and listen to where you left off. 

Source is a TTS generator with more than 600 audio voices available in over 60 languages. So, it’s quite simple to find the proper audio voice and create a natural-sound speech instantly. 

However, is much more complex than its competitors. Additionally, provides you with an in-detail video tutorial to clarify how the platform works, whereas this is done within five minutes. In addition to that, by inputting your script, and if you prefer to use your script for your website, you can use your website’s URL. 

Key features include: 

  • Customizable options 
  • Multi voices
  • Audio analytics 
  • Podcast hosting 

Price plans begin at $14.25 per month, and when you subscribe to the business plan (their most expensive plan), you pay $149.25 monthly. Personal plans aren’t really worth it since you have no commercial rights and many limitations. In short, it’s better to go with the business plan




Another top useful TTS platform that you should consider using is With this platform, you can generate many unique voices in a short period of time. Moreover, it’s simple to use the platform and rarely causes any issues for anyone. Features aren’t difficult to use and most of the time, you’ll be able to figure out how to use them. 

Key features included with include: 

  • Voice is faster than typing 
  • High level of natural language processing 
  • Custom voices 
  • Voice skins 

Pricing plans with start at $34.99 and go all the way up to $99.99 monthly with their most advanced plan




Whether you want to work remotely or at the office, the powerful text converter is there. NaturalReader allows you to upload text and documents to download mp3 audio files and listen to them wherever you go. The quality is excellent and has a natural sound voice to it. Additionally, it is pretty easy to create audio files. 

With NaturalReader, you can create narrations for YouTube videos and generate audio for broadcasting, IVR systems, eLearning material, and much more. The platform works fine with eBooks, emails, PDFs, Google Docs, and even web pages. Texts are detected automatically from web pages and ignore ads in order to help you focus on reading.  

NaturalReader also supports documents such as doc, txt formats, epub files, ppt (x), and more. Moreover, you can use it on your mobile to have it everywhere you go. To learn more about pricing alternatives, you should contact them on their site. 




iSpeech has a free version that grants you many male and female voices in more than 20 different languages! However, the voices aren’t as natural sounding as its competitors, and you have to know that this is common with free TTS apps. It features three different playback engine speeds: slow, standard, and fast. If you want to use its more advanced features, download the software and subscribe to its paid plans.


Wrapping it up

Well, that’s about it for this article. These were our top TTS generators which you can consider using. Of course, there are many TTS generators out there, but just because they are cheaper or free, it doesn’t mean it is the right choice to use them.  

Furthermore, we recommend you carefully read through each of the ones we listed and find out which one best fits your business requirements. After all, no matter which TTS generator we recommend, it’ll come down to what works best for you. 

Compare prices and quality between them, and if they offer a free trial, take advantage of it. It’s a great idea to try something out before paying for it. However, even if there is no free trial, you can always cancel your subscription plan if you think it isn’t right for you! 

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