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Web Hosting + Site Management

Let us take good care of your website

What is Web Hosting?

Think of web hosting as a home for your website. The better your web host, the faster and more secure your site will be.

At Goodman Creatives, we provide world-class web hosting, complete with all the bells and whistles. More on that below – first, here’s an at-a-glance overview of how web hosting works.

  • All websites live on a “server,” which is a computer that’s always connected to the Internet
  • Servers use special software and hardware to show your website to visitors
  • Web hosting companies have rooms full of servers, which they keep running at all times
  • Having web hosting means renting space on a server to store your website

Your web hosting should be managed by a person – not by a computer.

In addition to top-of-the-line WordPress web hosting, we provide that extra personal touch that you just can’t get anywhere else.

From unlimited updates to scheduled software updates, tech support, and full concierge we’re here to help manage everything for you.

Whether we created your website together or you’re coming from another host, our dedication, comprehensive care, and collaborative approach remain the same.

Web hosting and management packages

Web Hosting

  • $49/month
  • Benefits of our world-class servers include blazing-fast speeds, hacker-proof security, daily backups, and tech support if something breaks.

No Worries Plan

  • $149/month
  • A true concierge experience. Whatever you need, just email Greg. Hosting + unlimited updates to your website (new pages, posts, plugins, images, text, etc.)

Quarterly Maintenance

  • $175/quarter
  • An add-on to the web hosting package. Every 3 months, we will update your theme, plugins, and database to the latest versions to ensure security and reliability.


What do you get with our world-class web hosting services?

  • Hacker-Proof Security — We work hard to make sure your site is always safe and secure. Plus, if anything does happen, we’ll fix it for free!
  • Blazing Fast Speeds — Your site will load in record time! These speeds simply aren’t possible with entry-level hosting.
  • Nightly Backups — Rest easy knowing your site is backed up daily. If you ever need to go back to an old version, it’s as simple as sending a quick email.
  • SSL Certificates — Don’t you feel safer sending personal information to a secure site? With our web hosting, you get an SSL Certificate for life.
  • Free Site Migration — If your WordPress site is hosted somewhere else, our expert migration team can quickly move it to our servers.
  • CDN Hosting — Your site will be hosted on servers across the world, improving your SEO and providing a better user experience.

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About the Author:

Greg Goodman

As a therapist business coach, web designer, copywriter, and marketing expert, Greg has been helping mental health professionals get a steady stream of clients they love since 2006.

In his career, Greg has helped everyone from associates to established solo partners, group practices, and beyond. He even had a 6-year stint as the head of a large mental health clinic in San Francisco where he kept 43 caseloads full.

In addition to his work helping therapists, Greg is a passionate photographic storyteller, traveler, husband, father, and human being dedicated to personal growth and making the world a better place.

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